like sands through the hour glass of time, these are the days of our lives

December 15th, 2001

Well, finals have started, and I must say, i’m very relaxed. I almost feel guilty about it, because everyone else on campus is having a whine and cheesefest. For example, SORM, aided by a sudden bout of the flu, spent all last night cursing Thomas Finney, the creator of his calculus text book. Said SORM, “”I am the ghost of Thomas Finney! I made 12 editions of my book before my death!” Then, accordingly, SORM cursed each of the twelve editions. Of course, SORM also IM’d me at 1 am asking me to bring him my chicken slippers (present from gma) , and alerting me that pet bats were swarming his dormroom. ehm.

Anyway, unlike SORM, i feel great - like the two cent crack whore in her new knee - length, pleather hooking boots; like frat boy who found he didn’t have an STD, that his pee just smelled weird because of the mcfishwiches he ate; like the vamped up drag queen with silver eyelashes in a room full of swaggering gay men; like martha stuart in a doily factory~!

Although I am in a good mood, I still have three finals to complete - including the grant from h-e-double-hockeysticks. Anyway, since I do have some work to do, I thought I would spend this fine saturday studying. and so i sing:

don’t sit next to me, just because i’m asian.
People all think we’re smart,
but I don’t want to be your friend,
if all you see me for is my intelligent brain.” - bruce lee band

No I’m not really asian. I just wish I was.

Anyway, as these things sort of happen, my actual schedual thus far has gone a little something like this:

8:30 am: Awake, but didn’t want to get out of bed
8:34 am: Urged on by persistent bladder, I got out of bed
8:36 am: Business done, think I should get back into bed, wonder why I am awake in the first place, but then decide to cruise the freebie forums
9:00 am: Consider purchasing $25 worth of products from some makeup factory in Paris, because they are having great sales!
10:00 am: After decision to buy, decide I should get back into bed, because boy am i gonna be tired by mid afternoon!
11:00 am: Still awake, decide to watch talkshows, but ofcourse, there’s no Maury on weekends. Then remember I recorded Thursdays Sally, so pop the tape in the VCR
11:45 am: Turn off VCR and decide to go ahead and stay awake
12:00 pm: IM SORM, ask if he wants lunch. He doesn’t
12: 00 - 12:45: Decide to study, but take a shower instead - cleanliness is next to godliness!
1:00: Get Lunch at Owens, try not to stare too long at the mutants, but can’t help noticing that “Darlene” working smoothies only has four teeth
1:00 - 3:00: procrastinate, blog, procrastinate

What’s ahead? Probably a nap and then I must watch the latest thrilling/vomitous episode of Dawson’s creek.

And what happens friday? I go home to be with my darling fam. I wonder if I have to get my sister’s boyfriend, Matt a Christmas present. What do you get for a boy whose only redeeming quality is that he can correctly rap all the area codes from Ludicris’s “I got hoes (in different area codes)” (fie one three, three oh fo, fo oh seven). Well i guess he’s good at other things too, like not keeping a job, smoking weed, etc. Dur, hope sis doesn’t read this entry.

Hmm, must find out about that present thing though, because I love shopping.

life ranking on the love-shopping-o-meter: 120% WOW! God Bless coupons

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