Meet the President

December 16th, 2001

Hey kids, something very important happened today. The 10cent sparkler now has a fanclub, and Dr. Peej is the prez!
so who is Dr. Peej?

I have known Dr. Peej for a few years. He’s a funny guy, and an art major. He likes pickles (just like me!), and of course, he adores Hänni House (the alternate name for the sparkler)

Why did I choose the illustrious Dr. for this position? Well, he told me he loved this blog and my style. “It’s casual, but it’s very charming”, said Peej. So I said, “how much crack have you been smokin, boy?” And P said, “Only enuf to get me high mama. Bout enuf to make me forget bout my baby motha’s lazy ass. I’m like, Damn b! How many times I gots to tell ya, get your ghetto booty off the cizzouch and out the hizzouse? Girl better get a job, i can’t be payin for no new weeve every monf. You know, weeves aint right. I’m always tellin my baby motha, when she comes home with those crazy ass braids ‘girl, that aint right. that ain’t fair. better give that horse back his hair.’”

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

Just kidding. No, I said thank you to Peej’s comment about my blog, as my heart beat with tremendous gratititude. Anyway, there was, for a moment, a pause and Dr. Peej, all choked up with emotion said, “I think we just had a ‘moment’”. Did we ever. I was so inspired by Dr. P’s adoration, that I decided to make him president of my fanclub. He graciously accepted, of course.

For his first job as president, Peej asked to gain access to H䮮i House bank accounts, for embezzling purposes. Hmmm. Well, since Hänni House does not have a bank account, I agreed. Then I thought, well maybe Hänni House does have some funding. I told P I had $11 in a paypal account.

Dr. Peej said, as his first task as president he would like to buy himself a “snazzy new suit - one that costs $11.” I told him the best I could do was to give him some cardboard and packing peanuts, and maybe we could make something of that. Peej suggested we get a “secretary of clothing” to make said snazzy suit.

Hmm, suddenly my little blog is turning into a corporation. Is quite lovely really.

What to do after reading this blog: send funds! Corporations aren’t cheap kids.

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