why cry when you can eat chocolate cake?

December 11th, 2001

I have been v. emotional this week. Yes, I know it’s only tuesday, but i see a definite trend developing. Euphoric happiness arounnd 2:00 in the afternoon turning into storm clouds by 5:00pm and on to full fledged pissiness by 8. It’s about 7, and although the storm is not yet built up to maximum force, I find that I am reduced to huddling in my wool coat and eating chocolate cake. It’s not so bad really. At least I am warm, and the cake is quite delicious.

So I got comments back on the rough of my draft, which basically read “this is the huggest piece of dog crap i’ve ever seen.” So that’s good. There’s a week to revise, one member of the group dropped out, and the other members are really busy this week - like i’m not, but really, the grant girls i work with are okay. One of em gave me a ride home the other night.

i’m going to borrow an analogy from my friend Joe to describe how i feel about this grant. It’s kind of like having a retarded kid. I really love the it, cause I wrote it, but deep down i hate it cause it totally complicates everything else I have going on. Now i’m going to have a retarded kid. My fish looks a little retarded. He’s all yellow, but he has these black gothic lips that stick out like Mick Jaggers.

he just can’t get no satisfaction.

The list of potential careers now reads: housewife/mother to mentally challenged toddler, professional medical experimenter, naval officer, stripper, lawyer, taco bell employee.

Angelface has a new phone and the ringer sounds like one of those game show noises, like before you win a prize it has those cheesy chimes or whatevuh. love it honey!

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