smug marrieds, who wants to be one?

September 22nd, 2001

so what to write about? well lets talk about marriage.

So my good friend Chris Kelly, from here on known as Son of Richard Marx (because he bears uncanny resemblance to the 80’s pop icon) came over with “the most perfectly popped bag” (tm Jeremy) of orville redenbachers ever and listened to me whine about how sick i am and about how i always throw up. good times.

anyway, we briefly discussed marriage, because son of marx thinks he will be married at the age of 25. son of richard marx and has not met his future wifey at this point. wifey! ha! that word kills me, cause it’s so child - like. there is this song from o-town Yes i love them… they have this song, the sexiest woman alive, and they’re like singing this really romantic song and their like “i’m about to make you my wiiifey - my wifey!” and it’s total cheese. oh well, they are cute.

anyway, marriage. i’m totally weirded out by the prospect. i think i would like to be married some day, but certainly not today! i have decided i’m looking forward to the engagement, because other woman shriek and hold their palms to their mouth when you mention the term “engagement”. imagine if i was using “engagement” in reference to my own engagement! and what about the ring? i’m holding out for a tiffany, but we’ll see. in all honesty, if did the proposal right, the ring could be made of playdough and i’d swoon.

my brother nicky got married at 22 - hey i’m 22 in a few months. oh wait, me and smug ellie have decided we are 21 from now on - scratch the earlier comment. now, if i were going to ever age past my current 21 years, i may be the same age as nicky when he got married. woo.

shout outs: thank you son of marx for the popcorn, smug ellie for allowing me to post on her blog, and to my favorite shut in i hope you rocked your show this weekend tommyboy

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  1. Chris (SORM) Says:

    hmmm, looks like the tables got turned here… I’m almost 26, and don’t forsee marriage anytime soon, and you’re the smug married!


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