The Truth

January 27th, 2006

I’d like you to think I’m wearing a sassy, pink armband today because I’m kind of a Punk Rawk Princess, (and gurls like me wear that kind of stuff). But the truth is, Nike Pink –she is a makeshift pressure cuff. You see, dear hannihaus readers, I’m no Sporty Spice and I’ve got the boo-boo to prove it.

Yes, apparently when practicing at the driving range, it is highly advisable that the golf club be used for hitting golf balls, instead of –say – the ground.

It makes sense really. I mean, the irons, they’re called golf clubs, not ground clubs or divot sticks ….

Except, of course, when your name happens to be Hänni.

If your name is Hänni, any club that makes its way into your hot, little hands, can’t be called anything BUT a divot stick.

Trust me (and my repetitive -golf-induced- strain injury) on this one.


Anyone else injured themselves slamming a club into the ground 15+ times in an hour? No? Just me? Ok. Well I’m sure you all have had some kind of misadventure this week. It’s Friday, so why don’t you share your truth? C-O-M-M-E-N-T and come clean.

15 Haus Calls for “The Truth”

  1. wordgirl Says:

    Years ago, my sister knocked out a front tooth with a golf club. Me? I stay away from ‘em.

  2. Gym Jock Says:

    You’re so scene, that’s the best pic of you ever. And that’s the truth.

  3. Deputy Dawg Says:

    The truth is, I only found 3 in Wednesday’s episode. Maybe there was a “dude” false positive?

  4. Manuel Says:

    My wrists only recently healed from my last golfing incident wherein I had similar problems with the damn divot sticks. It was really just an excuse to drive the cart.

    This is the best song ever!

  5. Hänni Says:

    Wordgirl - Your poor sis! Yeah, in lieu of every experience I’ve ever had with ‘em, I’d do well to stay away too.

    Gym Jock - Not Scene - Punk Rawk Princess… the look is Punk Rawk Princess!

    I know it’s hard for you to judge this sort of thing, being that your vision has been impaired due to viagra overusage. Would you like me to start posting pics in braille?

    Deputy Dawg - If you say 3, then we’ll count with 3. You’re degree is math-based. Christophe’s degree is in drawing pretty pictures. I think your count is probably ok.

    Manuel - You are such a 40-year-old virgin.

  6. Dima Says:

    I don’t hurt myself with golf clubs, but my “drives” are about a yard on average!

  7. Amber Says:

    My boobs are too big to get a good swing (at least that’s my excuse) so I can’t say I relate. But I do agree that it’s a good picture!

  8. Hänni Says:

    Dima - Well at least you can *hit* the ball!

    Amber - Well we all know it’s not my boobs that are holding me back…

  9. Cze-Johnson Carrie Says:

    HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no one needs to know you’re hurt…. cause you look SEHX-ay!!! (unless of course, the hurtness is getting chores done around the haus….)

    gotta say, though… re: year of the DAWG…. I counted at least FOUR. there was one realllllly faint under the breath dawg… but the three of us watching it in casa-de-fever agreed there were at least four. damn, where’s the video replay???

    you know if my guess is too high by one, I’m going to demand a recount….

  10. Hänni Says:

    Cze - Johnson Carrie - Thanks for the hottness! But yeah, there was some disagreement on whether there were three or four dawgs. Our review of the show yielded “3″, but in lieu of your (and other peoples’) assertion that there was a 4th - very quiet - dawg, we will look at the DV-R again. I know you have a a big prize on the line here (Re: Randy’s crappy book) and we just want to be fair to ya.


  11. ScottyGee Says:

    Injury suits you well, Boss. Rawrrrrr.

    Let’s see. I think I avoided injury this week. I almost ran into the ref in my hockey game last week and I was flying. It would have been ugly. Same at the ice rink Sat night. I was skating backwards and some little jackhols skates right across traffic. I swerved and missed him at the last second, but he would have been plastered if I did hit him. I am sure this week will be injury prone to make up for it.

  12. Hänni Says:

    ScottyGee - And that’s why I keep you around as my personal assistant. You like me even when I’m a lazy, falling down cripple. And I will still like you too when imment injury sets in this week. Cheers!

  13. oregoncelticlady Says:

    No, divot making but I have strained my back by swinging and MISSING 15+ times in an hour!!!!

  14. 23 Says:


  15. SKD Says:

    Finally got to see the fabulous h-haus .com. Had to fix the compy myself as my highly degreed brilliant bi-polar mate had a hard time of it by whipping thru the screens too fast to read. I must say I’m not disapointed though.
    Punk rawk princess? Ummm. Must be from the latin “punkus rawkus” or “punkus rawkii.” Your musical taste is of course, impecable.
    Hope all is well in hot and sweaty land. I did not get to enter the Randy dawg thing but even though I live in decidedly kool Alaska, watching those vain fops (you can use it in the next scrabble game), stroke themselves while millions of slack jawed admirers drool in ecstasy gets me not off except maybe a little heat in the groin area when Paula Abdul does her shtick. The hell with the other two. Watched the big screen at Nicks and am kinda bummed the Seahawks lost (in my opinion) to the Stealers due to really biased refs. A curse on their strip-ped asses! Sorry about your golf injury. Reminds me of something similar… a tricycle accident as a child in which I tweaked an unusual appendage and I had to wear not a pink wrist thing but a plaid sock. What? Anyway I’ve always said that all I need is another expensive hobby like golf with all that great high tech equipment to add to my addiction of 500 dollar fly rods and reels machined from solid blocks of aircraft-grade aluminium; and yet, I am intrigued.

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