Nutrition Nazi De-Crucifies the Cruciferous

January 25th, 2006

Want to get my attention?

To solicit a lecture from the Nutrition Nazi on why you need to eat more veggies all you need to do is:

Pick through the crudite platter, cock your head sideways, and ask “What’s up with the white broccoli?”

Before thrashing you soundly about the head, I will tell you nothing is wrong with the white broccoli… mostly because it’s cauliflower.


16 Haus Calls for “Nutrition Nazi De-Crucifies the Cruciferous”

  1. mrtl Says:

    Hey! Where are the Twinkies?

  2. gary Says:

    Yeah, but what’s up with the green cauliflower that’s next to it?

  3. Dima Says:


  4. Hänni Says:

    mrtl - Mariah ate them!

    gary - I know. Wtf?

    Dima - Oh yes they did!

  5. mrtl Says:

    Check out Pea’s post about watching AI for the first time:

    Cauliflower even gets a shout out!

  6. Hänni Says:

    Bless your heart mrtl. That post was *awesome* and yeah, WordGirl (she’s “Pea” at mrtl?) rocked the cflower too.

    Synchronicity my friend. That crap’s straight up freaky.

  7. laurenbove Says:

    Hey there’s also light green broccoli too! That’d really freak out those veggie-phobes. The white broccoli, so to speak, makes excellent mashed potatoes. Just add them in to sweet or white or even on their own.

    I made a fruit smoothie today with ripe/frozen berries of all kinds and a banana. I’m feeling faaaaaabulous.

    Hanni, any good smoothie recipes?

  8. jackie Says:

    It’s just albino broccoli. Haven’t they seen an albino before? :P

  9. Hänni Says:

    laurenbove - yeah in response to this post, my friend Christophe pointed out that there’s a new hybrid broccoli/cauliflower thing out there called “broccoflower”. Check It Out.

    And of course I have a smoothie recipe! I am the Nutrition Nazi after all, and few things are as nutritious as fresh fruit!

    Hänni’s Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, (Yet Still Delish) Smoothie for 1
    4-6 ice cubes
    1 small/med apple peeled, cut and frozen
    4 frozen cherries
    1/3 frozen banana
    1/4 c pine nuts (great dairy substitute) or walnuts
    1/4 c frozen blueberries
    1/4 c water

    *for extra sweetness add a few chunks of frozen pineapple. Mango is good too.
    *to make it really good for you, add a tsp of liquid chlorella and a tsp of berry powder (Berry powder can also be used as a tea when it’s placed in water, or pour it on top of apples before baking for an extra-sweet, extra-healthy treat).

  10. Suzanne Says:

    What the hell happened to Broccoflower?

  11. Phineahs Gray Says:

    I find it funny that you call yourself the nutrition NAZI and yet you don’t want to call cauliflower the WHITE broccoli. What kind of NAZI are you? lol

    Also, I think you could use this sound clip as your nutrition nazi theme song.

    Personally, it makes me fear all veggies, but maybe it could work for you.

  12. Holly Says:

    Mmm, broccoli.

    Who cares about disgusting cauliflower anyway?

  13. mrtl Says:

    GAH!!! Pea and wordgirl started visiting around the same time, and I’ve gotten them mixed up. It’s wordgirl’s post. Sorry!!

  14. william Says:

    In the picture…Is that Orange Celery?

  15. Sassy8877 Says:

    Mmmm I just downed a 5 cheese sandwich - so not healthy, but SO yummy!

  16. Hänni Says:

    Jackie - I have not seen zee albino broccoli before, no.

    Suzanne - Since this posted, I have a friend who works at a grocery, who said they have orange cauliflower too! Yes, I am for real.

    Phineas - You are totally demented. I *am* going to keep that song as the Nutrition Nazi theme though. Maybe that makes me demented too?

    Holly - I know, cauliflower tastes like dog crap. It’s like the one veggie (besides brussel sprouts) that I won’t go near.

    mrtl - Eventually I figured it out on my own. I’m Nancy Drew remember?

    William - I’m fairly certain those are carrots…

    Sassy8877- That sandwhich would totally make me constipated.

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