The Truth

August 29th, 2005

I always say I have no cash, and ask “will you take a card,” knowing that you won’t. The truth is, while I’m sitting in the parking lot, preparing for my entrance, I take all my greenbacks and put them in the change purse. That way, when I open my wallet to get my library card, you won’t see that I can *indeed* pay the $4.65 I’ve acquired in late fees. The truth is, the books you let me check out today-despite not having paid for past indiscretions-will probably be late too. I won’t pay those fees either.

Dear hannihaus readers, care to share your truth? C-O-M-M-E-N-T and come clean.

One Haus Call for “The Truth”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    To the kid who just tried to disrupt my class by yelling out “Bloody immigrants!” during a Social Studies lesson on democracy,

    You are spending the afternoon writing lines outside the classroom door while we’re having fun inside because I think you made a VERY unwise decision. Whoever labeled you “gifted” obviously didn’t take your emotional intelligence into account. I questioned why you would yell something like that out in my classroom , but I don’t really care about your motivations. The rest of the class booed YOU as you made your way to the door because they have something called COMMON SENSE. The rest of the class was happier WITHOUT you constantly muttering something out of ignorance.
    So the truth is, I’ll see you tomorrow and cheerfully say “GOOD MORNING!”…but rest assured, while you were riding your bike off to the after-school babysitter, I was thinking up cruel and unusual punishments for the next time you decide reoffend.

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