Haus Warming

August 30th, 2005

Okay so…

The Secret is this site. This is Haus 1.0. We’re 1.0 because we’ve still got a few things to tweak, so look for a few neat changes in the coming weeks.

The Story
For a good while now, I’ve been encouraged by those close to me to take this blog to the next level, to write more, and house that writing in a special space, a space more interesting than what’s available via blogspot’s cookie cutter templates. I think I’ve accomplished this goal, but not without much coaching, cursing, and help from my friends.

I apologize for all my talk of secrets, for all the suspense. Really, I never meant to lead you along. Truly we were so close to finishing this site so many times when…

House moves delayed critical projects
Files got lost somewhere in cyberspace
Lightening struck and destroyed the designer’s monitor (true story)

The Dream
Last week I dreamt I was in purgatory. I sat at a desk with my head between my hands watching other people laugh, and shop and wander the streets. This dream was a metaphor for what I have been experiencing in creating this site. Things didn’t go as fast as I’d wanted. Something happened in the interim between inspiration and implementation – a little something called life. And if you’ve been a reader for any amount of time, you know my life is a walking gag real, so I guess I should’ve expected the exploding electronics.

The Sparkler
Four years ago we opened our doors as the 10Cent Sparkler on-what was then-a fledgling site called Blogger. Today we’re bidding adieu to the Sparkler, and welcoming in its place, hannihaus. I admit I’m a little bit sad. The Sparkler is where I cut my teeth, found my voice, and unleashed my wicked sense of humor to the cheers and jeers of you, my fabulous audience.

My Thanks

What we do here is called creativity without constraint. Thank you, dear hannihaus readers, for being a part of the madness.

And a big thank you to those who were privy to the secret, my crack team of experts:
Bob at Phyrephly hosting, Chris our graphic designer extraordinaire from Gobagu, and SORM our very beloved hannihaus admin. A special thanks goes out to Angelface who has given up a significant chunk of Hännitime in order that I might craft this site. I love you!

So that’s it. The Secret’s out. I’m glad you’re here. Take off your shoes and stay a while.

Help our designer

In addition to his fantastic work here at the haus, Chris has also been working on creating a series of t-shirt designs for his “pawn, the underdog” project. If he gets enough votes, his t-shirt will go to print and his ego will be appeased. Woo hoo! His design will only be live for a few days. If you love the haus, then you love Chris (b/c this is his design). Show your love and vote 5 for his fabulous t-shirt. Dunke. Submission - Pawn, The Underdog

12 Haus Calls for “Haus Warming”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Hänni you’re an inspiration to baby bloggers across the net! The new site looks fantastic and I look forward to watching it grow. Long live the häus!

  2. Lauren Says:

    hola chica! Love the color scheme and the graphics- the writing would be fabulous even if scribbled on a wet napkin. Keep up the delicious creativity.

    I miss you and will write back soon. First trying to make sure the fam in MS did not float away. :-( take care Hänni-hoo!

  3. Erin Says:

    This is gorgeous beyond all words! I am green with envy, but I look forward to reading every word.


  4. violete Says:

    Love it Hänni!

    It is totally you. Especially the art at the top. Hat’s off.


    soon to come…working at obp pix blog ;)

  5. violete Says:

    Oh, and “Rate MY Kitten” has to be the best thing…

    a total upgrade of Hot or Not. THIS is something I could really waste hours on.


  6. Aaron (Asha) Says:

    Oh Hanni! Congratulations, you took the latest fad of the year 2000 and really made it into a life long hobby. You have left all those people who only posted every day for a week and then left there blog sad and empty.

    And now you sell google ads! Ricky gets a check for a couple hundred dollars each month! Good job, now you must advertise for your site and build your blog empire. Soon you will own this internet with your words.

  7. Hänni Says:

    Thanks to everyone who left their feedback! And Aaron, that’s great about Ricky - a couple hundred dollars a month? Wow. For now i’m just trying to pay my hosting fees (and it wouldn’t hurt if i had a little more going towards a new laptop - hee). Are you gonna share his Web site? And yeah, there’s even more adwords to come, but it will be discreet and nice. This is more haus 2.0. Stay tuned!

  8. Chris Says:

    Congrats on the site Hanni!

  9. Christoph Says:

    Hänni - thanks for posting my t-shirt design. I hope we win! Enjoying the great, white, cold, north?

  10. Hänni Says:

    oi christoph - winning would be great! AK is nice. Went to a rock show last night and am getting ready for yoga and state fair today. Pics will be posted when i get back.

  11. Smug Ellie Says:

    hi doll, nice site. i have to really inspect it later when i’m not at work…surrounded by 16 year old smartasses. sooo, i’m being called upon. “miss h, do we really have to do this?” ugh, i feel like saying “no turd, why not just continue scratching your parts and then take a nap for the next 20 minutes of class.” don’t fear the reaper.

  12. Smug Ellie Says:

    HOLY POO. me again. so it’s saturday and i finally have time to do some exploration of the haus. i am seriously considering putting some underpants on because i’ve been laughing so hard that i *may* wet. and as anyone with a bladder-laughter problem knows, underpants are the first line of defense. i must say, i’m a bit surprised to be reading bits here and there about myself–especially references to a certain “person of color” from the past who is, no doubt, still hidden away in the closet. and when i say “person of color” i’m referring to the color pink, which in this day and age of mounting political correctness is probably the most diplomatic way to describe you-know-who. eh, all the best to him and better the wife than me. i’m enjoying myself here and that’s really something, given the inevitable back-to-school blues that plague me each fall. i noticed you even kept the little retro lady i so painstakingly magic-wanded from her background many years ago in my early days of photoshop frenzy. love it. alot. the kind of “alot” that you write as one word even though it’s something that illiterates do. so from an anally retentive former 8th grade spelling bee champ, you know that sometimes “alot” is more that just “a lot”. have much more to say and stories to tell about naked ocean dives, the magic of virgil, bitter ex-marine mothers of four, and a co-worker with a rather *interesting* surname that will have to wait, as wild horses and armed bandits couldn’t drag me away from avocados and season 4 of six feet under. besides, the dryer just sounded–my sheets are done.

    adieu to yieu…and yieu and yieu and yieu!

    cheers to SORM, who is fantastique and smells like roses to boot!

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