August 27th, 2005

Some use it to wipe their ass.

Others hijack it from beneath the bathroom sink, desecrate it, and then leave it on display like some sort of glorious and scatological art piece.

The TP in question

Either way, when your last roll of Charmin has been filched by your felines and you’re too lazy to go the store for reinforcements, well, it’s quite simply the shits.

4 Haus Calls for “TP”

  1. Lost in NYC Says:

    I feel so flattered that you thought my site worthy to be among your links! What a privilege. My traffic has sky rocketed ever since! :)

  2. Hänni Says:

    Well I’m glad that you’re glad. You’ve got some good stuff going there Jonathan. Keep it up! (And keep visiting hannihouse. We love to have you!)

  3. BeyondTheStairs Says:

    I wonder if they have created their own personal god out of the TP. From my perspective it looks like they are doing some type of ceremonial dance that proceeds a sacrifice. Watch your back Hanni! Watch Yo Back!

  4. Hänni Says:

    So instead of a Tiki god, we’re now talking about a TP god? I love it!


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