True Story

July 28th, 2005

So I come home from work last night only to find an ungodly amount of what appears to be cat fur lying on the floor in the computer room.

Ungodly Amount of Mystery Chunks O Fur

Obviously this was distressing. But the cats seemed fine – they are jumping and leaping and licking and kicking just like always.

… In fact, Stinky Sphynxy is maybe a little more giddy than usual. I could hear him purping with wild abandon from the other room. I shit you not, when I walked into the kitchen to investigate, this is what I found:

Cat is playing with razor!

Oh and in case you forgot, I have a secret. It’s still coming.

5 Haus Calls for “True Story”

  1. Fil Says:

    I want to know the secret…is this page the secret?????? ppuuullleeeeaasssee tel me!

  2. the village idiot Says:

    Love the shaved kitty entry, still chuckling about it…

    I posted a kitty story today, not as amusing as yours of course, but really scary for mice lovers.

    thanks for being here,
    the idiot

  3. Rachel Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the link - didn’t find an email address on your page. Sphynx is adorable!

  4. melusina Says:

    I have had similar experiences with my cats. Either coming home, or upon waking up, finding major clumps of hair on the floor, sometimes money on the floor (??? do they go to the kitty strip club?), and various and sundry items.

    Of course, whenever this happens, all three cats are lying around comfortably and give me a sleepy “what?” look.

  5. Hänni Says:

    Awww, aren’t cats the best. Last night sphynxy was playing with a tampon. I went to take it away, but thought, “Hey it has a tail just like his little mice.” So I left it.

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