Romp and Circumstance

April 11th, 2005

So it’s Monday.

As if to bring the day in with grand style, my darling purebred GAB (Great American Bad Ass), Bella Donna Bad Girl woke me up with a rousing ceremony that included, first cuddling so close I got fur lodged in my right nostril. As most who’ve had this experience can attest, it is fairly unpleasant. It rather reminded me of being 5 when I put that navy bean up my nose. It fermented for a few days before Maaa discovered what I had done.

In any event - back to my wakeup. Bella’s next bout of theatrics included noisily knocking my books off my nightstand, then chewing on them, and pulling pages out. I tossed a pillow, hoping for a cessation of the theatrics. And there was - for about five seconds.

Next Belle decided to play wrestle-with-the-curtains and bang-on-the-blinds. But this is not unusual - she does this at least once a day.

Eventually, bored from roughing up the window treatments, Bella hopped back into bed, making a glorious “purrp” as she leapt. She then proceeded to play cat-and-mouse with my toes. With claws out she started poking, poking, poking my blanket-covered tootsies. With each thrust of her knitting needle-like claws, I would jerk and twitch. Jerking and twitching of course only fueled her fire.

Eventually, not satisfied from attacking above, Belle started burrowing under the blankets. And it was the direct hit with her claws into the outside of my ankle that finally got me out of bed this morning.

I like waking up and going “yoooowch!” I really do. What an excellent day to warm up your vocal cords! I only wish my darling Angelface could also share in this joy - the joy of being woken an hour early by a mischevious, relentless kitty-with-claws-out. He has the magical ability to tune out Belle and sleep soundly. He is immune to her early morning antics. I am jealous.

In other news, I ran 3 miles yesterday. Am hoping my legs will not freeze up in agony by this afternoon. Last Sunday I ran and everything was fine until about 1pm Monday when my legs violently seized up. My aching muscles just kind of constricted, and I was forced to walk all constipated-like (sort of hobbling slowly with stickly straight legs) for the next three days.

Will keep you posting should wonky walking ensue.


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