I Haven’t Been Writing Much Lately…

February 25th, 2005

Because Belle got an iPOD!

She has requested that I catalog all my favorite albums in itunes post haste, so I have been forced to spend every free moment making sure the likes of Bjork, Lisa Loeb, Fugees, Coheed and Cambria, and of course, Bright Eyes are o’ hastily entered.

She has also requested that I buy darling accessories for the beloved - the iPOD that is. She particularly liked the girly purple ruffle on this snuggly, cuddly iPOD sock.

So dear readers, because Belle doesn’t have opposable thumbs for putting CDs into the disc drive, you can understand my dilemna, and know why I have been required to focus my energies outside blogging during this most musical/magical of times. For your consideration, Belle and I say thanks… well actually she says meow.

One Haus Call for “I Haven’t Been Writing Much Lately…”

  1. Lauren P. of the PMC Says:

    Oh…your Bella is beautiful- as her name suggests. I hope she enjoys the IPod and lets you listen every now and then. Peace out flower child!

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