February 15th, 2005

*begin warm fuzzies*

Congrats to me and Angelface - 6 months married (as of feb. 14). And so n’ love. (Jealousssss?)

And Happy 25th Birthday to Bright Eyes megatalent Conor Oberst.

“If Oberst sometimes mistakes his private turmoil for the universal condition, it is not simply because he is young; he understands that pop songs need to overstate the case, to howl, to make a moment last because there might not be another like it.” - Sasha Frere-Jones of The New Yorker.

And Happy 23 Gwendolyn Miller - precious girl extraordinaire!

On an unrelated Note:

When unable to install a program for the purposes of demonstration for this afternoons mind-numbing creative team/programmer meeting, VietFab, my Buddhist coworker hissed Jesus under his breath.

And I thought why Jesus? Why not bust out with a Sweet Butter-Belly Buddah sometime?!

And then I was reminded how insulting it must’ve seemed when I spoke blasphemously of BabaJi. In an afternoon chat with my friend G who happens to be a Sikh, I exclaimed, “I really want a picture of an Indian guru for my living room, so when things go bad I can point to it and say ‘Pray to Babaji, *in an Indian accent* - just like that movie” (Bend it Like Beckham). And G was like “Uhm,” cause Babaji is kind of like the Sikh Jesus.

So that was a wee bit insensitive of me I suppose.

But I really *do* want a Babaji for my living room.

One Haus Call for “Kanpai!”

  1. Unknown Says:

    H�nni! I miss you so much. I miss our obsessions over little thing, like the tazo proverbs and listening to one John Mayer song for endless hours at work. You’re such a great friend. You know I’m so jealous of the Bright Eyes concert!

    oh, and my !@#$’ing Chi flat iron meleted and broke!!! (Just keeping you updated.)

    love you so much!!!!!!!!!!

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