The Greatest and Best Song In the World

March 21st, 2004

Argh, I desperately wanted to post a pick of Bella on site this morning, only to find that I have lost my Adobe PhotoShop CD. On a more positive note, my frantic Photo Shop hunt turned up my long lost Tenacious D CD. The joy I get from hearing the album’s opening lines “I love you baby, but all I can think about is kielbasa sausage, your buttcheeks is warm…” more than makes up for the small sadness of losing Frodo Shop.

You know, come to think of it, I burned a copy of the D for Rockstar Brother a while ago and sent it home USPS. He said he never got it. I wonder if CG Dad made an interception. I can just see CG going “hmm, what’s this?” and plunking it into his PC. With only one listen, the CD becomes CG’s instant favorite.

He rocks out to “Karate” and it’s ass kicking “from here to Tianamen Square” and marvels at the musical genius of One Note Song and it’s “bendy.” He is in awe of the CDs incredible life affirming lyrics. Afterall, it is a well known fact that the D has written one of the most hauntingly beautiful love songs ever written. “F* her Gently” far surpasses such romatic standards Endless Love, I Just Called to Say I Love You, or Muskrat Love.

In other news, I also found the Oregon Trail CD I filched from my parents house last summer in our CD stash. I may “travel the trail” this afternoon actually. I think the O.T. has a really special place in the hearts of 20 somethings, as kids across the US were made to play the crappy DOS version in our elementary schools’ computer labs.

Remember how cool the old boxy IBMs were? Heh.

Also, Angelface has some new digits. His previous celly has now gone on to digital heaven. I think it was a case of divine intervention: Friday night Bella chewed through his chargers cord right in front of him. Saturday he waded into the pool… He realized after getting out, that his Sanyo had gone swimming with him, in h is pocket.

Apparently you’re not supposed to get water in the LCD and exposed circuitry. Woops

And we laughed, for a few minutes at least. And now I’m worried, last night Bella Bad Girl chewed through my phone charger cord… Will plan to keep my phone away from H2o today.

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