Mini Margherita

January 17th, 2004

My baby neice is the greatest. She is quite a jet-setter for someone who has no teeth and can’t yet walk upright.

While home for the holidays, baby Paige and I went out to lunch, went shopping at Old Navy, and even attended a bachelorette party. Bear in mind that my little cover baby (she’s just gorgeous dahlings) is only 2 months old! Oh to be young and diapered!

The bachelorette party was for my best friend Nolie. She is the Sigfried to my Roy, the J-Lo to my Ben, the Brittany to my Justin, the lemon to my lime, the table to my chair, the spackle to my den … Ok I’ll stop here. I think you get the point.

Well, the great thing about her bachelorette party was the good clean fun. Instead of being stereotypical - ie dressing the bride in a tshirt with lifesavers sown onto it that reads “suck for a buck” - we decided to have our fiesta at Garcia’s Trattoria.

Garcias is a good 45 minute drive from my house in the boondocks, but the burrito platter is well worth the commute my friends.

At dinner I made Nolie wear a veil, and adorned her in the finest jewels: i.e. the biggest candy neclace in the world, and a strawberry-flavored lollipop ring. Mad props to Maaa for her crazy hunt all over town to get said finest jewels.

As part of the fun, everyone at the table was given a Mexican name. I was “Juanita,” nola was “Jenola” (pronounced “hey nola”- it’s a stretch I know, but i no habla espanol), Maaa was “Carmen”, Nola’s Maaa was “Maria,” my sis was “Margherita,” and Baby Paige was, of course, “Mini Margherita.”

We ate, we talked, we had a blast. Well, Mini Margherita didn’t partake of the tacos (as aforementioned, she has no teeth), and she didn’t really talk per se, but more grunted her delight. My sis calls her “Monkey,” but her little grunting and endless amount of pink onesies has me calling her “piggy.” I really don’t think sis likes me calling her infant “piggy” though.

Hey, whatever works right?

Well, inspired by Mini Margherita, I’m on my way out the door to get a little black baby. Angelface says it’s time to adopt. Adopt a kitten that is. Stay tuned!

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  1. Half-a-Beaner Says:

    Just an observation. Of the celebrity couples you cited as an illustration for you and Nola, only Sigfried and Roy have achieved the Christian right idealized circumstance of marriage, actually loving one another through sickness and in health. It’s just interesting to me, the liberal, NPR devotee that I am.

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