The Silver Lining

August 20th, 2003

Am writing today from my new job. Am currently working head quarters for the Geeks in Gray, AKA Get Connected, a division of University Computing here at Virginia Tech.

Or should I say “Virgina Tech…” At least that’s what our t-shirts say. Everyone got a good laugh yesterday when t-shirts bearing the incorrect, (and slightly raunchy), logo were distrubuted.

They’re making us give the t-shirts back on Friday. I was sad at first, because I like the funny logo. But then I realized I get two new clean shirts Friday, thereby eliminating the need for me to do any laundry this week.

Thank you gods of t-shirt misfortune.

Being that I work for the university, my surroundings are hardly glamorous. My team of 6 is packed, like a can of sardines, into a cinderblock classroom in the basement of owens food court. Read: sterile and smelly.

This place reaks like sour cheese, pinto beans and grease. Oh the smell of a hard days work.

So I finally got the address to the place I’m moving into next week. For those of you out of the loop, Angelface and I are moving to the land of Mickey and Mestisos. Yes, folks, I’m talking about that tropical paradise, la Floride… er Florida, that is.

And guess what my new address is? 766 Silver Cloud Circle! How cute is that? Me thinks it’s an omen. Methinks Florida will be lovely in the fall.

Well as am at work, I’d best be gettin’ back to my frantic data entry. Am v. competitive and want to keep my numbers up, so I’m in ranks with the girls. I’m not that good at this data entry thing, so in order to keep ahead I’ve got to work me booty off. That or clear the room with some farts….

But as the room already smells rank, I don’t think releasing the cheese would do much to deter my teammates. Drat!

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