Good Enough, Smart Enough

September 6th, 2003

I am writing today from the new hännihouse headquarters located in funkytown, Florida. The new place is very fancy. That’s right kids, now that I’m a college grad there’ll be no more cinderblock hovels for me! No more government-cheese eating cafeteria food! No more neighbors tucked in so close that if you breathe real deep you get one stuck in your nostril.

This nostril thing can be very uncomfortable, I assure you.

Nah this place is a regular ritz. Angelface and I live in an apartment with crown molding, tile floors and track lighting. As part of an opening promotion, this month angel and I are getting HBO free, so I’ve been watching the likes of Space Jam and Minority Report from the comfort of my huge living room every night…

Am also watching a bit of free HBO during the day. You see dear readers I am not currently employed by someone who cares to pay me.

I am self-employed. I am self employed in that my current full time job at the mo is to find a full time job where I can actually receive some monetary compensation.

That’s Greenbacks. Dinnero. Dough. Moolah. Cheese.

I need some cold hard cash babies. I live about five minutes from the biggest mall I have ever seen and I can’t spend any money there! You can imagine my torturous state as I glimpse Old Navy, Express and Lerner all in the same stretch. It’s the freakin trinity all located in one single mall!

I can’t spend any money at the mall. All I can do is look the other way, lest I spot some fabulously sexy top I can’t live without. Before you know it I’ve blown fifty bucks and am reduced to eating boiled water with pepper in it for dinner all week.

I just don’t want to go there. Pepper makes me sneeze.

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