Sooper Bole

January 26th, 2003

I’m going to a superbowl party today. Yay for chilli, chips, belching and whooping for our team. There’s on small problem though: I’m not exactly sure who “our team” is supposed to be, as I don’t know who is playing this glorious sunday.

The other day, over dinner at mcdonalds, I confidently told G I knew who was competing sunday. I loudly announced that the Dallas Cowboys and NY Jets would be handling the pigskin. Apparently I was wrong on both accounts.

Of course, I was basing my decision entirely on something I saw on MTV. The VJs were out talking with cheerleaders from the oposing teams. Because one gaggle of cheerleaders wore western-looking tassles, I decided she was from Dallas. And the Jets - well I just felt like the Jets would be a good team to opose Dallas - that was not based on any cheerleading attire.

I wonder if i’m supposed to dress a particular way for the superbowl party. Is it like when Tech plays and you have to wear maroon and orange? What if i show up at the party wearing “the bad teams” colors? Seeing as how I don’t even know who “the bad team” is, I think this mistake could quite possibly occur.

Then what? Will they cackle and laugh, then throw me out into the freezing cold? And I’ll have to walk those four miles back home in blizzard conditions just like I did every morning on the walk to school - except it’s only one mile away - and there is no blizzard, it’s sunny and 35 degrees out - and I’ve never walked to school a day in my life (well except during college, but since I live on campus it kind of cancels out).


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