The Fax of Life

January 23rd, 2003

oh god. am idiot.

Why, why did i have a personal fax sent to the corporate office of my new internship?

Why, why didn’t i double check that the fax number I gave to the anchorage daily news lady? Why didn’t i make absolutely sure it would go to my campus fax?

Why, why did the internship boss lady email me this morning from Maryland saying “I got a fax for you from the Anchorage Daily News - I guess it should come down to the Blacksburg office…”

Why, why did i act all casual back like, “oh, that’s strange about the fax …:)”

And why did I get a reprimand when I haven’t even had my first official day of work yet when boss lady replied, “pls do not use fax for personal use.”

Yes, haven’t even really started working internship yet, and am already on the S-list. I’m the champ.

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