Planet of the Incompetents

January 29th, 2003

Ooh those koreans, they must certainly be e-vil. According to our hallowed President, they are so e-vil they don’t get to live on penninsulas, but on penninshulas (sic.)

Yes, and apparently, our nation should be worried about nuke-u-lar war and ‘fishal policies.

But what I’m worried about, is the fact that, while he is trying to lead us all to war, George W. - that monkey - can’t even pronounce his words correctly. I wonder if it’s because he’s from Texas, so I try to justify the mispronunciation as an accent. But my cousin’s from Texas, and her “peninsula” sounds like “peninsula.”

And then it makes sense.

Right after I watched the horrifying state of the union address - (Guess we don’t have to worry about those “3,000 terrorists arrested world wide”, as they are “let’s put it this way, not a problem any more” - hmmm, I think this means they were killed - don’t worry about the fact that we supposedly believe in freedom, justice, and the right to a fair trial. No wonder the freakin world hates the US) - I watched the Osbournes.

It was a hilarious, yet heartwrenching episode, as we see Sharon get weaker with her chemotherapy. Ozzy spends the episode mumbling about the dogs and how they crap everywhere. I think that Ozzy should make one of those anti-drug commercials, because who better to illustrate the evils of crack and crank than someone who can’t even form coherent sentences.

And that’s the connection.

Everyone knows W. was into the blow, and I think, while watching his address it is evident that it has impaired his brain. Georgie, like Ozzy has problems with words, because his brain looks like swiss cheese.

But we love Ozzy.

We think George W. is a monkey.

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