Auld Lang Syne

January 19th, 2003

Well it’s a new year once again at Hännihouse. There’s much to celebrate: it’s 3 P.M.,Sunday and I’m still in my pjs, I have european undergarments coming by post, there’s a lovely blanket of snow on the ground and… *drumroll* I am engaged!

Introducing: the future mrs. angelface

Now you may be thinking “man, that’s the best news I’ve heard since MTV announced a second season of the Osbournes.” And then you may be saying, “But Hänni, is this engagement the reason you haven’t been posting here at the house? We love you. We’ve missed your rants. And we don’t ever want you to take a month-long hiatus from posting - never, ever again!”

In answer: yes, the engagement played a large part. You see, when it happened i wanted to shout it from the hills: I am great, I am wonderful, and darn it, angelface really likes me! I wanted to buy bridal magazines and flaunt them like my name was J-Lo. (only five more husbands and she’ll be caught up with Elizabeth Taylor!)

Despite my hysterical merrymaking, I knew that I had to take my time - I wanted to have a really stellar presentation for my hannihouse fans. That being said, I decided to make the greatest engagement webpage ever.

And so I toiled, and eventually succeeded in my page making, while, however, simultaneously confirming that I am indeed a huge nerd for doing such.

Without further ado, and with much heralding and fanfare I present our engagement Please visit and sign the guestbook!

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