Sunday’s Child is Full of Drool

December 15th, 2002

*yawn*, it’s about 11 am and I just rolled out of bed.
I have crust in my eyes, my breath smells like roadkill and my face is all sticky from drool.
In short, I feel grrrrrrrreat!

I spent yesterday at our staff Christmas party.
We ate at joodaloops, and for some reason I got both a bean burrito, and a side of beans.
Oh, and let’s not forget the delicious bean dip I consumed.
As you can imagine my lunch at joodaloops has turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving.
I don’t feel I need to elaborate here.

We also did a white elephant, and I got the avengers DVD, and a new music cd - pirated music of course.
Oh my goodness! I just put the CD in and it’s School House Rock!
Hell Yeah.
Conjunction junction, what’s your function?

I also won some pretty daisy-shaped stickers in the Buddy Olympics.
Buddies are pairs of staff members who do programs, etc. throughout the year.
Each team has a unique name and identity.
My team is known as “the miopic matriarchs”,
so I made little funky glasses out of old flyers, and taped them to my sweatshirt - in the spirit of the games, of course.

We ended our PMC (payne/main campbell halls) fun with a little karaokeage.
I started with a little Al Green - a tribute to my bro Nicky and Wifey, Brandi, who danced in their wedding frocks to the sultry sounds of Lets Get Together.
I sang some dixie chicks, backstreet boys, shania twain (though I loathe her), garth brooks, etc.
Everyone knows I sound like a howling dog when I sing, but i do it anyway!
At one point i was asked to duet by saying “you’re PMC’s best singer”

And I had wondered, if like a bad twighlight zone episode, I had morphed into a weird world where tone deafness = greatness.

Last night I also went to the Blacksburg ballet production of the Nutcracker.
For some reason, I forgot that it was a ballet, and was confused when it didn’t have any words.
I kept waiting, waiting, waiting for two hours for the fairies to twitter, or for the prince to pontificate.
But alas, it was just dancing.
And some funny things happened while dancing, like the nutcracker’s head popped off, and the rat kids kept falling all over each other.
All in all it wasn’t a bad show, and I def. got my ten bucks worth.

file this under: the season’s silliness

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