Let’s Take That Road Before Us and Sing a Chorus Or Two

December 13th, 2002

Here i am on location in the Main Campbell RA office.
It’s kind of stuffy in here, and the walls are yellowed with age.
my hands feel really dirty from touching junk in here.

I’m typing to you with this old ass keyboard on a Mac
I’ve got some Christmas tunes playing on this peicer.
Currently,Christina Aguliera is singing about mistletoe,
which is disturbing, because she is certainly no virgin mary.
I mean, I know America is a free country and a democracy
and all that, but seriously, we gotta make some rules/restrictions.

rule #1 dirty whores aren’t allowed to sing for religious holidays.

Uh oh, Iradio has now changed songs -
it’s Eazy-E, “Merry Mutha*uckin X Mas”.
Hmm it’s certainly more entertaining than Xtina’s…
but again, i’m offended

rule #2 nobody’s allowed to sing about ’tis the season to get busy

In other news, this no finals thing is alright.
I’ve been doing yoga, midnight cocoa,
webpagering, and whatever else suits my fancy.

the countdoon to AK is now 5 days,
and am really looking forward to being away from this junx.
When I get home, Rockstar brother wants me to duet
karaoke-style to Spice Girl’s 2 become 1 with him.
Not sure why it has to be Spice Girls, but why ask why.

And then Spank will introduce me formally to baby pug,
Prince Ferdinand. I spoke to him on the phone yesterday,
but he really didn’t have much to say.
Just snorted a lot.

I can relate.
Try to talking to me after a killer test,
brunch at the Trick,
or anytime this week, while my brain’s on autopilot.


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