Daddy’s Girl

November 24th, 2002

Whew! I accomplished three great things today:
1. ate two delicous powdered donuts
2. fixed comments here at Hännihouse (please feel free to use)
3. finished La Cuca Racha Con Quesa
the *hottest* page ever seen

Am feeling like a Creative Genius. Like father,
like daughter me thinks. heh.

So I’m sort of on break. I’m here at the B&M h䮮ihouse,
because i am an outstanding RA who has the unfortunate duty
of serving on break rotation. It was exciting last night.
First the electronic doors started randomely shutting on and off.
Then some kid with wild hair called. He said he lost his keys
in the shower.

Why would you have your keys in the shower? especially
since no one is even on campus?

Apparently the keys in question fell down the drain.
Eh, at least he didn’t drop the soap.

and actually, i was being facetious about yesterday’s excitement.
It was actually quite nice and boring.

yes, am off to do some super secret Christmas tinkering.
Ciao bambinos. - leave comments, you know you want to!

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