Excuse Me While I Blow the Smoke From My Fingers

November 20th, 2002

Whew, have been webpagering for about 9 hours straight now.
I have bitten off all my nails, and am feeling v. thin, because had
to eat quick, thin foods today. i.e. soup, grilled cheese sammie.

Am doing a fiesta theme for my summer conferences web page.

I will call it La Cuca Racha Con Quesa

It’s sort of inspired by Trading Spaces, although I have to admit I’ve
missed the last 4 new episodes, and haven’t watched the reruns for
more than a week now. This is pretty shocking for me, but I’m not sad.

Don’t worry though, I haven’t forsaken my t.v. entirely. I am really into
the new making of the band. This season P.Diddy finds kids from the
ghetto to rap about thug life and such. I mean, honestly, while I am
a huge fan of the original making of the band, it was getting a little stale.
O-Town can only go so far.

I find it ironic that O-Town’s latest album is called “O2″, because O-Town
needs new life breathed into them hardcore. I’m a huge fan. I used to
watch the concert DVD fornightly, and even bought the O-Town calendar
instead of the Dawsons (which I now regret). However, my O-Town
poster has recently been moved to a new place of honor at h䮮ihouse -
it has been moved to the throne room. The porcelain throne room.

This placement creeps angelface out. He thinks the O-Town boys
stare at him while he’s doing his business. One night in retaliation
angel took a big black marker and drew Harry Potter glasses,
and frenchie mustaches on O-Town to make them less intimidating.

I gotta get away from this computer now. Till next.

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