My Brain Hurts

October 15th, 2002

Have spent an excruciating total of 6 + hours today alone studying for cursed org. comm test. Will not mention the hours spent yesterday, and tomorrow’s forthcoming hours of study-hell. It’s all too painful to contemplate at this moment.

Yes, must focus on other things…. other nice things… things which have nothing to do with academic suffering. Things like sunshine, butterflies, pbj, and super poligrip - (it reminds me of gma, who occasionally takes out her teeth to demonstrate the consequences of not flossing properly. Love you grams!)

I whine and moan about studying, and my only solace is the reward: graduation… BUT THEN I’m reminded that graduation = must find job. One year from now I will be a working class stiff, struggling to make ends meet, sweating profusely as I write large checks to pay off tuition bills. I’ll eat pbj every night - not because I love it, but because I will be too exhausted from my W.C.S. activities to throw meat on the George Foreman.

THen, I get in an even worse mood. The dark spiral of impending graduation grips my heart, as I realize that this studying stuff - this is as good as it’s gonna get. These are the good old days.

So, I guess I should embrace the 16 hour test study. If I have a nervous break down in the process, well that just means that maybe I won’t be able to pass classes this semester. Maybe I’ll stay in class forever. Upon my eventual graduation from Tech, I’ll look back and exclaim, “that was the best 18 years of my life.” Hey, I can dream right?

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