Dorm Life

August 28th, 2002

I have been an RA far too long. I’m way to sensitive about things like housekeeping, extension cords, and use of the “D” word. Yeah “dorm”. oh ick, it just feels wrong to even type that filthy, filty word.

You see, I have been conditioned. I’m an RDPautomaton now.

When I was a freshman RDP had just begun a campaign aimed at getting students to think about oncampus housing as kind of nice. RDP’s buildings therefore became known as “residence halls”, a term denoting civilization and elegance. “Dorms” on the other hand, came to be known as something subpar school’s housed students in - dirty, dank, low-income ghettos. They even gave us buttons that said “no dorm.” I think i put mine on my book bag.

And so the brainwashing, or reconditioning, paid off. I can’t say the word “dorm.” When Alaska Laura came to visit, (yes, she’s got her Bug back and is tooling around Philadelphia in it), she kept commenting on how nice VT’s “dorms” where, and how she kind of missed the “dorm” life. I would reply with comments like “yes, my residence hall is very cool with it’s AC”, or “I like living in residence halls, because of that high-quality, one-ply, soft-as-tree-bark tp we got goin.” It’s very annoying to reply to someone whose using the “D” word.

So Waggs, my beloved Advisor, who is also my teacher this semester, committed the ultimate RA-sin the past few classes. In our first class of the year, Waggs told us how her niece lived in the “O’shaghaunesy dorm” (formerly O’Haunnesy to my loyal readers). She kept commenting on “O’Shaughnessy dorm.” I cringed in my seat at every harsh letter sound escaped from her throat.

And she did it again! - today she said “my neice is running for vice president of her dorm.” UGH. Waggs, waggs, waggs. I almost feel like asking her to use residence halls in class, as “dorm” sounds so vulgar. I mean, i’m offended!

And this is why I’ve been an RA too long….

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