It’s Naked Day

July 20th, 2002

Welcome to the first naked hannihouse blog of the summer. as i’ve mentioned before, i only blog when inspired. during my morning lather in the M.egg bathtub i suddenly got the urge to share my voice with you, the viewing public. although i’m wrapped in a towel, rest assured, I will make no attempt to properly clothe myself during the writing of this entry.

by extension, and in the spirit of naked blogging, i would urge you to free yourself of your oppressive garb - right now. Naked blog-reading is not only acceptable, but is highly encouraged at my house. I wannaseeyounekkid.

the topic doujour at hannihouse is body hair. yesterday i got into an interesting conversation about men, and back and chest hair. i’m not sure what prompted the whole thing, but I do have a few things to say about it:

1, Everybody has body hair - i’m no exception. i’ve got hairy hobbit toes. Hair is nothing to be ashamed about people!

2. Chest hair on men is cute. Hairy men are lucky, because even when they take their shirt off they still have a little warm sweater to cover themselves with.

3. Conversely, shaving your chest hair is almost perverted. The exceptions: models, sexy gay men, and male employees in the shirtless velcro-testing facility.
My beef: if God blesses you with a lambswool sweater, you don’t trade it in for a naked molerat suit .

4. Back hair is not very cute. a small amount is fine, but if you look like teen wolf it’s time to break out the hot wax strips.

5. Ammendment: i cannot wholly discriminate against hairy backed men, as it is natural. I mean, if you were to get implants in your shoulders, then i could complain. natural men, wear your back hair with pride - but be discreet.
my beef: those men whose back so closely resembles a gorilla, and who insist on taking their shirt off in public. case in point: the image of a shirtless, bigfootesque old man in D.C. four years ago is still sharply, and unfortunately, burned into my memory. i am shuddering.

file this crazy junk under: body hair - to wear, or not to wear.

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