This is my brain. This is my brain on Dawsons.

April 24th, 2002

So I watched the Dawson’s 100th episode today. As usual, after watching an episode of my favorite drama, I became nostalgic and introspective. I know it’s just TV, but those kids really get to me. And it’s always been that way. This is geeky, but the whole Dawson-Joey back and forth bit, well when I was in high school I went through the same thing with this boy. And he used to watch the show too, so we would talk about how our little puppy love relationship mirrored the stuff we watched on the show.

Of course, we never thought it was puppy love. To us it was the be all, end all. We were soulmates. We were tragic. We were going to be together forever. We thought we were a lot of things, but really we were just kids - kids who were completely, hopelessly, and undeniably naive. And it’s a little sad, because you grow up and you forget how magical it was to stay up until dawn to watch the sunrise … or watch a show together. God bless you creators of Dawsons creek.

And this is what Dawson’s does to me. I’m a warm, mushy pile of sentimentality.

I remember last year, I was watching this episode at like 3 am on a school night. It was about this girl o’ding on ecstacy, and about how the kids of the Creek would never be the same again. I literally didn’t sleep at all that night. It was quite pathetic actually. I mean, I had the lights all out. The campus was silent, and I’m sitting in my room sobbing hysterically, mourning the loss of a TV character I didn’t like that much in the first place. All truth be told, I still miss that character.

oh god, I can’t beleive I wrote this out for you guys, but this is really how I feel right now. You probably came for something funny about vomit, nudity, or Canadians. Sorry to disappoint. Am in the throes of post-dawsons creek viewing. And am a huge geek.

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