Back Alley Trash Fashion

April 22nd, 2002

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I totally left M&M’s on my dirty floor in hopes that my friend would eat them. Yeah, SORM came by and taught me how to catch food by tossing it in my mouth. In the process of learning, about 20 mini M’s fell on the carpet of iniquity, the floor of terror. SORM kept eating them anyway. I told SORM to leave them on the floor, I had an idea for a social experiement.

I planned on calling M䴴, (who is famous for eating sticky things from the ground), under the guise that I wanted him to meet boris. I figured he would inevitably see the mini’s, like tiny jewels, and consume them with the utmost haste.

I was going to make M䴴 eat the M&M’s, but finally I just got disgusted and swept up. It was a great idea though.

In other news, Aaron and I have decided to start a Moulin Rouge Club, not to be confused with club moulin rouge. Aaron will be President, since he has the most paraphanelia - 2 cds, the dvd, and one poster. I will be VP, and our friend Josh will be Director of Music.

Josh is already planning a broadway musical where he will play Christian, and an unknown actress will play Satine. Aaron will be the director, and will wear black and shuffle papers, and get stressed out. If we can get Ewan back to play Christian (no offense Josh), I will be the costume designer. I would like to measure his inseam, and perhaps get a little sneaky peaky at his “huge talent.”

In further, and VERY VERY EXCITING news, I will be modelling this hot little, mess dress for a friend this weekend at XYZ.

The list of future careers now reads: model for trendy back alley events, Feng Shui master, mother to challenged child, professional medical experiement, naval officer, stripper, lawyer, and taco bell employee

Tomorrow will have photoshoot, where the models will be splayed out near garbage cans, and have blood dripping from their mouths. It’s a little bit dirty, and very, very hot. You must all attend. Friday (April 26), 9:30 at XYZ.

Uh oh, it’s bachelor time. Love that show. It’s fun to see how the dude likes to make out with every girl.

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