My Life as a Working Member of Society

February 21st, 2002

So it’s almost summer, and you know what that means - time to find a job! Ugh. I always get so nervous around job search time. It’s not because I don’t have a resume (I actually have like six versions), and it’s not because I don’t have any experience. I am constantly working. I took one week off last summer from serving and landscaping to be lazy and comfortable. No, it’s not that I’m too lazy to get a job. I am lazy though.

Naw, the thing is, I am naturally frightened of the whole job search process. Filling out applications, tayloring resumes, interviewing - no thank you. This whole work thing is just a crazy conspiracy to make me feel violently ill a couple times a year. Even right now, I can feel the chunks rising in my throat - yes finding a job is that intense.

I feel like I’m that Ashanti girl singing with Ja Rule. This is me to my potential employer:

I’m not always there when you call
but i’m always on time
I gave you my all
baby be mine

I don’t say “baby, be mine” to the potential employers though. That would be sketch. And while I am sketch on day to day basis, I don’t want to let employers know that my most exciting moments happen Saturday at 9, when the latest episode of Making of the Band comes on. Or how about how I went to the cafeteria on Celebrity Night dressed like Joey Potter from dawsons creek? This is sketch and is bad in the job search environment.

So I’m V. sweaty right now because I just had an interview for one of the jobs I’ve applied for recently. I think it went really well, but don’t want to discuss it in my blog, in case those interviewing individuals should search for my name on the net.

Am I paranoid? Well, I did have an airport stalker (refer to January entry entitled “What part of hell no don’t you understand?”).

file this under: that crazy job junx

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