Sweet Dreams are Made of These

January 27th, 2002

I had the most beautiful dream last night. I dreamed that I took some sort of travelling singing class, which required me to spend lots of time careering around construction sites on a yellow school bus. On the bus, I had the good fortune of sitting of sitting next to the heavenly ashley angel. That’s my blonde boy from O-town.

all for love baby,
{ashely} what I do, I do it for you
all for love baby
baby, my love, it’s all for you
- O-town, all for love

Anyway, this dream was not sexual (matt), just v. nice to be squished in a bitty bus seat with a singing angel.

So my friend Enola emailed today. She told me everytime she sees o-town on MTV she thinks of me, and she thinks of a rap she made up for me. I was forcing her to watch the “o-town, live from New York DVD” over the break. She found the cover of P. Diddy’s “all about the Benjamins” hilarious. She couldn’t stop laughing at the boys rappin’ in their thug-life style. So she improvised her own rap, which went something like this: “I want a real girl, that’s what I want. I want a real girl, … with a real crotch.” Confucious say, lady who talks without thinking say strange things.

That reminded me of the this time. Nolie and I were attending this Japanese class at the community center. There was an old man in our group, Jack. We called eachother with the honorific “san”. So, Jack was Jacksan (jacks - on). Well, one day in church, Nolie was giggling about something Jack had said. From nowhere she goes “his name is like in the karate kid … Jacksan, jacksoff” as she did the little wax on wax off hand thing. She actually repeated Jacksan , jacks off several times before the woman behind us gasped and gave us a look of disapproval. What church lady mistook as a discussion on masturbation was actually good clean fun!

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