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December 18th, 2001

Someone pointed out to me that perhaps my blogs have been a slight bit negative lately, so i’ve decided to make a v. wholesome holiday entry. I really am looking forward to going home at the end of the week. Apparently we got a real tree this year, and there has been like 20 inches of snow, so dad is getting some snowmachines together. I think i probably need a translation here, because I realize that everyone in the United States, the contiguous United States, calls snowmachines “snowmobiles”. I’ve tried to convert myself to using “snowmobile”, but i just can’t. It feels wrong. And you can’t make me change my ways! Not even for a million dollars… well maybe a million… but you definetly couldn’t change my ways by offering me twenty bucks. Twenty bucks plus this sexy mullet man and maybe you have a deal! - Oh my gosh! That’s SORM’s dad!

The force has been unusually strong with me this holiday season. I’ve got the shopping madness, and i’m so good I got everyone’s presents by the last week of November! When I ran out of presents to give, i began to buy presents that other family members could give to each other! Then I started buying graduation presents for my sister and brother. My sister graduates in the spring, and my brother will graduate in 2003. How’s that for preparation! A couple of my friends joked that they are gonna make me a shopping list, and that i have to get all the items on that list, be they chia pets or wax or toothpaste. I have to get all those items on the list for fifty bucks. And you know what I say to that, bring it on! You’re wimpy listing is no match for my ninja - like shopping skills! The best things in life are free young grasshopper, but if you can’t get em free, I know how to get them cheap!

and now for your holiday enjoyment, a story:

?A 7 year old was drawing a picture of the Nativity. The picture was very good and included Mary, Joseph, and of course, the baby Jesus. However there was a fat man standing in the corner of the stable. That just did not seem to fit in. When the child was asked about it, she replied, ?Oh, that’s Round John Virgin!?

tee hee. So good story!

on that note, I bid you all adieu and may visions of sugarplums dance in your heads this holiday season.

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