crisis averted

October 23rd, 2001

well good news! I dont have to be in crisis about graduating in december, because i’m not going to! i went to my advisor today.
Waggs (advisor) : hi hanni, how you doing?
Me: well, i’m feaking out
Waggs: oh, well you’re always freaking out.

its true!

anyway, i’m dumb and forgot about elective requirements, so now im forced to stay in college forever!… well not forever, but for an extra semester, thank you lord! I was so happy, i felt like jumping on waggs’s desk and doing a happy jig. i didn’t think it was wholly appropriate though.

on a more interesting note: while i was in the bathroom, enduring a painful reminder care of the huge amount of dairy i ate yesterday, i got a notion. it’s a well knowned fact that some people really enjoy looking at feet - in a sexual way, that is. Well, if there is a such thing as a foot fetish, couldn’t there be such a thing as a hand fetish? I mean, there are hand models after all. well, i was lookin at my hands and decided if they were porn hands, they’d defintely be of the hardcore XXX variety - the kind real perverts would drool over. You see, they have big knuckles and are slightly discolored in spots. the nails are the worst. They’re all different sizes, and peeling at the tips. i keep thinking i should file the damn things, but no, it’s too much work.

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