love letters

October 24th, 2001

Today before staff meeting, this random dude walked in my room and began questioning me about relaxation and positive mental health. His name was G (not hino’s G), and he was a bit creepy. He kept saying “i totally know what you mean” and reaching, arms outstretched towards my knee or whatever. I talked a lot about my boyfriend and being in love. He thought Blake was a great guy, and “wanted to meet him”, which is kind of weird. then he told me he could “anchor” me, which means i could by hypnotized to feel an emotion by touching a specific part of my body. apparently this guy is studying hypnotism on the side - yes its random. anyway, he was kind of hypnotizing me in his normal speech. he snapped his fingers in front of my face, and i felt like i was in a daze. his two weirdo guy friends came in, and they looked spaced out as well. maybe he hypnotized him too. he eventually left when i told him i had a meeting to go to, but pledged he would be back to anchor. i’m suddenly frightened though. what if he hypnotized me? no, i didn’t close my eyes and visualize things. i stayed coherant and kind of watched this wack sit and talk. but what if i’m hypnotized and i dont know it? damn him! seriously, this is a scary proposition.

i will fight the evil powers of hypnotism that have prepared to invade my brain. luckily, after hypnosis i went to a bustling, well lit staff meeting. if anything can take your mind off the weirdness, its time spent under fluorescent lights with 11 people who are like your new and freaky family. anyway, i doubt any of them read this, but they are really great. we did a little staff development (or staff d, as us hipsters like to call it) activity, where we wrote nice things about each other. mine says things like i have a great attitude, am extremely interesting (this is particularly flattering to me), and is “always cheerful, yet not airheaded”. these little things are important, because i too often get in the crankiness rut. I try not to write about the negative things happening in my life, or at least i try to make them funny, because i don’t want to let my bad times consume every area of my life. i’m happy that people don’t see me as the grumpy gus that i am when i’m in my room by myself, overwhelmed by some insignificant thing or another.

task for readers of this blog: tell some one you adore that they are the greatest
task for SORM in particular: stay away from me frosted lucky charms!

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