only flamingo socks can save us now

October 22nd, 2001

well i don’t have smug ellies family problems, but i’ve got the plane ticket problems. i accidently had my christmas plane tickets sent to my old address. i have met the girl who lives in my previous cinder block hovel, and am sure she’d give me my tickets. yet, i am too lazy to walk the 100 yards to get from my place to hers. this is a considerable problem. i would totally call her, but i dont remember her name. i would email, but if i dont know her name, it would be hard to get an email address. sure we have mutual aquaintances who could give me the info, but that would require contact with an intermediary which is definetly too much work.

so anyway, i’m also going through a mid life crisis. yes, i’m only 21, but im probably just really mature. haha. But anyway, yes, mid life crisis. i’m going through it. i’ve discovered i’m graduating next december. instead of being happy, i’m all freaked out. i gotta find a job! uh oh. and thanks to osama bitch ladin, jobs are especially tight right now. great news right? i also gotta figure out where i’m gonna live. sure i could be an RA for one semester, but say i end up staying in bburg post graduation? I will have no place to live, because apartments get leased like a year previous to inhabitance. and then i’m like can i stay in bburg after i graduate? will that make me a townie loser? and if i did get an apartment who would i live with? all my girlfriends have been living off campus for a while with each other - it’s a kind of no-room-in-the-inn situation. I can’t live alone. i get lonely living in my hall of 75 people!

i think i’m just not going to get an apartment lease. and by the spring, i should have some sort of plan and then i can worry about an apartment, if necessary. then i can live with people i dont know and maybe they will be manic depressives, satan worshippers, or worst of all - owens food court employees! God help us.

Well, i dont really know what to do. Got suggestions?

shout outs: to people who leave me love notes on my eraseable board. i totally love that.

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