Retail Madness

November 26th, 2005

Someone you all know and love hasn’t been writing so much lately, because this special (and very beautiful) someone has, in the past week:

a) worked lots of extra hours at A Very Hip Software Company,
b) had Angel’s maaa and popi in town for Thanksgiving (hi MIL and FIL), and
c) took a second, seasonal job at a place that rhymes with “cold gravy” and is famous for a little something called performance fleece. Yeah, working at McDonalds rocks!

O.K., I’m kidding about McDonalds, but I’m 100% for real about working retail. I’ve never done it before, but like being a rock star, librarian, or grocery store clerk, it’s just something I’ve always wanted to do. Even though I’m busier than a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest, busier than , if you will, (TomKat you’re killing me!) I decided to try my hand at hawking apparel.

Just call me a masochist.

So far I really like the work and I’m learning tons of things. For example, apparently my folding skills are crap. This is not a problem however, because five hour shifts of lather-wash-repeat type folding, (or fold-watch in horror as shoppers destroy, within 30 seconds, 30 minutes of work-refold) provides plenty of practice.

Also, if you play Jamiroquai’s “Canned Heat” at 7 am on Black Friday, people will spontaneously burst into song and start dancing with their hoodies in the middle of the aisles… and sometimes even customers get in on the action. Heh.

I had canned heat in my heals that night (er morning), baby.

Alright, I gotta go get gorgeous. My next shift at “mold daily” starts in two hours. Til next, dear hannihaus readers, adieu.

11 Haus Calls for “Retail Madness”

  1. Erin Says:

    I worked at the Navy of Old when I was a senior in high school and part of college. Black Friday was the worst. But I was always on the register, so the day went by pretty fast. Good luck :)

  2. url Says:

    Black Friday is right! Yesterday was the busiest day I have had in the shop for fifteen years. Funny how people come in waves, literally. Call waiting is a wonderful tool but it was killing me. Had to leave the phone off the hook many times yesterday. When I’m waiting on ten people with one on hold on the phone that’s when the dude that has to ask the same question seven times calls. Don’t you just love those people that think they have to rephrase the question if they don’t like the answer you gave them to the last question? Oivay!

  3. Dima Says:

    I LOVE COLD GRAVY! Especially their turtle necks! You’re super woman!

  4. mrtl Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’m heading out today for a little bit of Cold Gravy myself, so I’ll be thinking of you.

  5. Fil Says:

    I’m not happy there is a second person called Fil….even though it is an abbreviation

  6. Erin Says:

    Oh and by the way… Canned Heat is such a great song. It’s part of my workout mix and my dance party USA mix, and others…

  7. Hänni Says:

    Erin - I haven’t done register yet. Apparently I’m scheduled for that next weekend - woo hoo. And yeah, “Canned Heat” is the bees knees. I need to add it to my workout mix. Currently I’ve got like 90s dance, Jay-Z and Nelly type stuff. Lately I’ve just been running to Fall Out Boy or other rock albums - maybe that’s weird.

    URL - congrats daddio! Sorry you got flustered, but that nice wad o’ cash you made should make up for all the hassle of dudes who call and go “Do you have a helmet?” D’ah.

    Dima - Oh man, if you can beleive it, I haven’t been shopping there in months. Armed with a significant discount, that all changes today my friend, that all changes today.

    Mrtl - Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Awww, I hope you found some nice $10 gifts. heh.

    FIL - dude, are you talking about “url”?

  8. Julie K from VT Says:

    oh Hanni, poor girl - back in high school I worked at a children’s clothing store - talk about folding! Try folding toddler sized clothes, putting them on those tiny little hangers, or opening a dressing room to find a GIANT PILE of tiny clothes that some frustrated parent just left…to this day I can’t leave clothes in the wrong place in a store, nor do I have the stomach to even hang up my OWN kids clothes! Prepare for the scars!

  9. Hänni Says:

    Julie k - Ha ha! Ironically enough I was working childrens on Black Friday, so yes, there was much pain.

  10. Erin N Says:

    You have another Erin! I feel so … so … unoriginal.

    Anyway, I’ve always had a secret longing to work in retail as well. That wish might come true soon ha ha.

    PS: I’ve never heard of “Canned Heat.” I’ll have to go preview it on Itunes and see if it rings any dance floor bells.

    Happy Folding! And don’t forget us all on your “friends and family” discount day ;)

  11. Hänni Says:

    Erin N - Friends and family discount card is in the mail darling! And Canned Heat is what Napolean dances to during the his plea to get everyone to vote for Pedro.

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