Doing My Scottish Ancestors Proud

September 25th, 2005

black dress

At long last the spinning has stopped and cellular homeostasis has (nearly) been restored. Having purged itself of a Friday night spent drinking and debauching, Hänni’s body is, once again, happy.

Yes, I attended a swank cocktail party this weekend where the night’s main activities included dancing ‘til my tootsies bled and tossing many, many adult beverages down ye olde hatch.

My dress of choice: Little, black.
My drink of choice: Appletini, green and - if you’ve had enough of em - mean.

And now, for your reading pleasure, I would like to present Friday Night: A Poem.

1 martini, 2 martini, 3 martini, 4
Hänni did a bad thing,
And dropped one on the floor

The crowd did gasp
Whence broke the glass
And Hänni had no more…

Glass that is, not alcamahol silly


Sans glass stems
Hänni made some friends
Who served with plastic cups!

Rock lobsters, lemon drops and buttery nipples, oh my.

So…anyone else kill some brain cells this weekend? Confess in comments and let your sins be absolved dear hannihaus readers.

Til next, adieu!

PS Happy Birthday Niccy B!

8 Haus Calls for “Doing My Scottish Ancestors Proud”

  1. Manuel Says:

    Very nice! And the picture - so scene! Next you could do a poem for the guy in the long shorts and the “got beer?” hat…

    Aside from that, my favorite thing was the great music: Rock Lobster, and did anyone hear that “Fuck Her Gently” cover?

  2. Hänni Says:

    Sup Manuel. I’M COOLER THAN U K

    Oh how i love scene… and FHG. Let’s not forget to pay tribute to the D!

  3. fancypants Says:

    Great poem Hänni! I will stick to my saftey formula:

    roses are red
    violettes are blue
    vodka tonics are great
    open bars too

    i had alot to drink
    obviously so did you
    everyone was retarded
    and made themselves the fool

    the next time you drink
    do yourself a favor
    take a quick slumber
    you just might find yourself hacking your guts out at a rest stop on I-4 randomly sending obserd text messages to people at 4:30 in the morning to then not remembering anything about how you got home to waking up feeling like you rode the freakin tea cups 8 times in a row and discovering you parked your car in your front garden crusing several large bushes and flowers.

    Incase you were wondering, yea it was fun.

  4. Nicole. B Says:

    The bday was fab. However, I’m currently experiencing strong side effects from this Zyrtec D my Dr. put me on with my antibiotics. The bottle says “May cause dizziness” - that was an understatement. The dosage must be a wee bit strong for me. I’m switching back to my normal Zyrtec so I can walk straight again. P.S. I did not mix my meds with alcohol. (I know what you were think’n)

  5. Sophie Gwenivere Konstantine Says:

    I started reading on the internet all about failure after going to google and typing it in. sheesh! How depressing. I just read about all the worst failures in the span on history. I feel like having a drink now.

  6. Sophie Gwenivere Konstantine Says:

    and isn’t it funny how you type in “failure” and MIchael Moore’s site comes up second? I thought that was hilarious.

    If he optimizing for the word failure on the net? Hahaha.

  7. Hänni Says:

    Fancypants darling - Your ralphing made me ROFL. Glad you’re alive!

    Niccy B - Get better babe!

    Sophie K - I find the failure thing hilarious. If you want to learn more about it, check out snopes. They have a whole article dedicated to how Gdub got his google placement.

  8. xena Says:

    let me see… the last time i tried tracing my roots i found out i was the great great great grand daughter of an exiled libyan king who married a jewish midwife from Hebron. Sitting here in Berkeley, with a cypriot passport, i find it very difficult to pay tribute to my ancestors…well done hanni…impressive…

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