Three Cheers for Sweet Gerard

June 29th, 2005

I confess. I have a new man in my life. His name is Gerard, and he likes wearing makeup and talking about gun play. Gerard Way is the lead singer of goth-punk band, My Chemical Romance, and in my mind, is a rock star of the most drool-worthy variety. Sickly Pale and dark in demeanor, there’s just something about a wispy screamo emo boy that this gurl can’t get enough of.

Can I get a Hallelujah, Lock and Load? (tm MCR’s Thank You For The Venom)

So while I don’t hang out with these types of boys in Real Life (whatever that is), I find myself strangely attracted to them in fantasy rock n’ roll world. I guess I’m like a moth to a flame, a goth boy to eyeliner, or Tom Cruise to the study of Psychiatry by way of Scientology. (Matt, don’t argue with Tom, because you don’t know the history of psychiatry. Tom does.)

But yeah, I like boys who wear makeup - but only to a certain degree.

My darling friend SORM says the fact that I get all hot and bothered about My Chemical Romance means that I’m reverting back to the teeny bopper (or rather, teeny rocker) years. SORM thinks that Gerard is only for 16-year-olds, but I disagree. I was at the MTV taping on Monday and there was a fair amount of 10-year-olds in the audience too! And also there were Moms. Lots of Moms. Cool Punk Rock Mom’s wearing pleather pants and twin sets - no joke!

Because I’m somewhere between 5th grade and June Clever’s mid-life crisis, I figure I’m just the right age to be an MCR addict. Just because nobody likes your music SORM, (techno is sooo 2002), you don’t need to bust my balls about mine. You can’t just say nasty things about me and Gerard.

It’s Not Okay (I Promise).

Teeny Rocker out!

P.S. Rockstar Brother is now officially out touring with the Warped Tour. I read on the that they are hanging out with and playing pingpong with . How cool is that?

2 Haus Calls for “Three Cheers for Sweet Gerard”

  1. ana Says:

    gerad way you are just too sexy for my eyes,but i just can’t help looking at ur pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!luv u soo much!and i really like to talk to you sometime!i hav 14 but i don’t care bou that cuz i’m not like some girls of 14!anyway luv u guys bye!!!!!!!!

  2. ana Says:

    Gerard Way i luv guys who use makeup!as i hear u r really into latin people well i’m brasilian and i would like to know when ur coming to brasil?i like to take some sexy pics with u but npt too much!lol!jus joking!!!!!!!!!!by the way i loved the video clip u did “helena”and”ghost of you”ur musics are really cool and i love falling asleep with you singing ur songs in mr ear!!!!!!!bye!!!luv you!!!!!!! ]

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