And I’m Spent

June 17th, 2005

So, we’re moved in and mostly unpacked, thank the good and gracias Lord. My body is suffering, as I have been living off the likes of pizza, donuts, milkshakes, tacos and french fries for the past few days. I have endured extreme cold (accidentally set new thermostat to “sub-arctic freeze”) and then extreme heat (in response to said freezing, accidentally shut a/c off altogether on 94 degree day!). I have had no sleep, no yoga, no peace and quiet from needy-ass kittys who have been - to my dismay- leaping, like frantic deer over boxes and bedsprings with wild abandon.

My appearance over these last few days, I admit, has been skeezy, to say the least. Without access to tweezers, my eyebrows are reaching epic proportions. Additionally, my hair style is currently a flatish, greasyish, mishmash. Despite all this, or rather because of it, yesterday a small child mistook me for a celebrity - told me to be nicer to Big Bird.

I’m a little worried. Apparently, I’m starting to look like this:

Hopefully normalacy will soon again ensue. I need vegetables, relaxation, and a hair-do that’s not reminscient of early-nineties Don King. I need sunshine, tranquility and time spent dwelling on the important things in life -gay ex-boyfriends, sweaty pits and celebrity gossip.

Here’s hoping my next post finds me in fitter, happier, more productive spirits than this one. Til next, adieu!

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