Gay or Nay?

May 26th, 2005

It’s probably wrong of me to do this: I’m sure the karma police are gonna come kick me in the butt - but I simply can’t resist!

So I was on MSN today enjoying my nifty new update with all its fancy features, when I happened to notice you can now post a buddy icon for others to view. I posted my requisite cutie cartoony Hänni, and then scoped out everybody’s profiles.

Imagine my delight and horror to see that a certain Canadian from my past had posted this to represent his image to the world:

And now I’m kind of confused. It is true that in the 2.5 years we dated he spend approximately 2.25 of those years in the bathroom styling his hair…. (His motto: Gel, never leave home without it). And it’s also true that he probably doesn’t own a pair of jeans…. (I’ve never seen him sans snow white, starchy, pressed pants)… And yes, he is waifishly thin, but toned (thanks to hours of unmitigated time spent admiring his pecs and lifting weights at ye olde gym.) But really?

I always thought maybe he was just metro.

But recently, I’m starting to see things a little differently- Perhaps, I’m seeing things in a rainbow-colored light, or rather he’s seeing things in a rainbow-colored light.

Well, I can’t blame him. I mean, after losing me - well, it’s enough to turn any man gay, knowing you’ll never find such a perfekt gurl again.

But I digress.

In all seriousness though, Canadian From The Past, I salute you. For picking a boyfriend who so closely resembles Nick Lachey, you get two snaps and a circle.

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  1. Unknown Says:

    Interesting post Hanny :) this is the other Canadian…i’m hoping you only know 2… How’s it going? :)

  2. QueenBean Says:

    Allo Other Candian. I actually know quite a few now. I’m doing great - thanks for asking!

  3. feminaformosa Says:

    That is so freaking hilarious.


  4. Unknown Says:

    HEY HANNI. I read your blog once a couple years ago and not once since then. But thanks to our good friend Phil (’Hey’ to you as well, Phil!), he commented that perhaps I should have a special read of this one particular entry. (-;
    So I would like to set things “straight” (errr, or not so straight). lol
    So much has changed since we were together, ne? And speaking for myself, I’ve now swapped the gel for “fibre putty” and only use it during the weekdays, the starchy white trousers for track pants (upgraded to cords during the school week so that my kids don’t think their teacher is ENTIRELY fashion-hopeless), and my body has been upgraded from “waifishly thin” to “muscularily CUT”.
    On the flip side, yes I still have issues dressing myself (not a pair of jeans in sight, and my favourite shirt is a green Pak ‘N Save polo!), I still spend longer in the bathroom than the majority of guys, and I also spend way too much time admiring my pecs at the gym *laughs*. So I suppose some things never seem to change, aye? (-;
    But in Ian’s World, change is really the only constant. So a couple years ago, I decided to try being gay. And damnit, I LIKED it. LOL.
    When I was living in Canada, I was with a guy for nearly 2 years. Then one day I just up and left him, our house, our dog, our SUV, and our life together (SURPRISE!)…to move back “home” to NZ and start teaching (feel free to ask me about the FULL story sometime). When I arrived in Christchurch, I was scouting around for gyms (go figure) and ended up meeting the guy you saw in my MSN pic. Friendship later turned to “more” and yeah, Richard (aka Nick Lachey?)and I now live together. Oh, and btw, he said to you, “Thanks for the compliment!” after we had taken a tour of Nick Lachey’s website photos *wink*.
    Sorry that you were one of the last to be “In The Know”, but yeah, there is a (small) degree of truth in your posted comment of “…after losing me - well, it’s enough to turn any man gay”
    *warm smile*


  5. QueenBean Says:

    Wow Ian. I feel like a dolt - how did i not know about this major change in your life? Congratulations and thanks for having the cohones to come in here and set the record “straight”.

  6. QueenBean Says:

    Ian said: “but yeah, there is a (small) degree of truth in your posted comment of ‘…after losing me - well, it’s enough to turn any man gay’
    *warm smile*”

    I would hope this means b/c I’m such a fabulous girl, it would be hopeless to find another, so you decided to give up the ghost, and just switch sides.

    BUT I have a sneaking suspicion that you really meant that i was such a (fill-in-the-blank with-something-nasty) that I turned you off to girls, period. End of sentence. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

    I would hope the latter is not the case, as I was always very good not to complain about your hair gel and passion for European Pop Trio, Aqua… Omg European dance music fetish - that was another clue right there!

    Cheers you!

  7. Unknown Says:

    Yeah, no hidden meaning in that. You were an awesome g/f, and even the family still talks about you. Your hubby is a lucky man.


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