Hee Haw

March 30th, 2005

Am feeling exceedingly joyous and jubilant this evening. I’m wearing a pretty dress, I’ve got soft lighting, and my lovely Bright Eyes is singing to me to leave the cauliflower in the casserole, that everything must belong somewhere.

And I feel like I belong right where I am. I’ve had 5 days of wonderful, bad-for-body indulgences: pizza, ice cream, ham, cake, cheese. I’m infused with Digourno and am sparkle-eyed from sugar.

I’ve been dancing with Belle and singing in the shower. I’ve been writing and thinking and laughing and crying. I guess things are good.

How could my life improve? Well, I guess I could get one of those cushy executive jobs. You know, the ones were the boss cruises in at 10:30 every day, and peaces out at 3:00 after having taken a two hour lunch?

Yeah being a boss sounds real good.

But I don’t think I have what it takes to be management where I work at A Very Hip Software Company. You see, you have to have certain skills. No, I’m not talking about the ability to make friends and influence people, increase profits by 200%, or revamp entire corporate structures. No my dear hannihouse readers, at my company it takes something really special?

All my bosses - they laugh like donkeys.

I’m not talking about normal-type laughing here folks. I’m talking about full-on, top-of-the-lungs, hard-style braying of the hee haw variety.

And they all do it : all the Big Guns at A Very Hip Software Company can bellow just like those bad boys in Pinocchio who were turned into mules after drinking too much root beer.

One Haus Call for “Hee Haw”

  1. Unknown Says:

    It is said that every minute of every day in a chance to begin a new life. But there is only one minute that is real, this present moment. Be conscious of this moment. Be real. Be your Self. Don’t be a pretender and you won’t have face your greatest pain when your mask is pulled off and you are staring into the eyes of your own soul.

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