Live Strong

January 22nd, 2005

Fancy scratching post to keep kitty’s claws off couch: $28
Plastic donut purchased b/c kitty seemed depressed: $5
Barbie mice to put in kitty’s Christmas stocking: $8
Realizing that in the course of a year kitty has destroyed all expensive toys and has found the greatest, most indestructible and long-lasting happiness with a rubberband that came off a head of lettuce: priceless

In related news, Bella recently celebrated her one-year adoption anniversary with Angelface and I. Angelface purchased a lovely cookie cake for the occassion. Belle didn’t seem to mind that the cake had SpongeBob on it and read Happy Birthday.

Of course Bella doesn’t eat cake, as she prefers a vegetarian diet of Purina One and scraps of sweet potato, so Angelface and I did very well, eating the entire 14 inch chocolate chip monstrosity ourselves. The neon blue frosting stained our mouths for days. We looked like we had eaten a bowl full of smurfs.

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