And Just Like That

January 19th, 2005

You know that first day of school? How it always felt a bit disjointed and disorienting? I kind of always felt like, on the first day I was a little bit of an outsider, like a puzzle piece that didn’t quite fit.

Well, starting a new job is bit like that first day of school. You’re coming into an organization where everyone has a title, a space and a role, whether gossip queen, annoying dude, know-it-all, mr. cool guy or ms. sweetheart.

I’ve been at my new company for about 12 days now, and finally, after long last, its happened. And just like that - I feel like I fit.

There are some hilarious people at the new job - too many to mention in one post, so will be writing about them as a series.

Today’s co-worker, we will call him Pepe’. Pepe’ has a small frenchie mustache (hence the name), but that’s understandable, because Pepe’ is an artiste.

Head of the Creative dept, he spends his work day organizing marketing materials and product deliverables. By night he hosts poker - so hot right now - and paints. He doesn’t just paint landscapes, watercolors, or pink flamingos, but is a full - on conceptual painter.

He attends art shows. His favorite Smithsonian exhibit is the Mineral exhibit - not because the most fantastic diamond in the world, the Hope Diamond, is showcased there, but because the minerals have so much “color and texture.”

Although I like to imagine that I am, when I’m with Pepe’, I realize even though I’m a writer, even though I wear plastic glasses, even though I’m a bit eccentric, I am not very artsy at all.

It’s okay if people think I’m artsy though. I’ve always considered that to be a compliment. But what these people don’t know is - what these people who think i’m very creative and artsy is:

- I love Dawsons Creek and the OC
- I have no interest in reading Niesche and know very little about Freud
- I may have a latte every once in a while, but do not frequent the coffe house scene
- I would never consider reading my poetry on open mic night
- I do not, in general, enjoy emo music (but have made an exception where Bright Eyes is concerned)
- I am not particularly tortured
- I have never shaved my head
- I do not play an instrument, paint still lifes, or take black and white photos
- I do not have a pixie hair cut died black
- I do have a black and white cat who I kiss and cuddle and call “Baby.” She often swipes my ankles and wakes me early in the morning.

On that note - this artsy fartsy gurl has to get ready for work. I’ve got breakfast, yoga and flat ironing of hair to attend to!

2 Haus Calls for “And Just Like That”

  1. Lilly Says:

    You don’t have to be an art-fag to be cool. But let those artsy fartsies think so if they want. Glad you’re fitting in. They must be a lot more welcoming than the Producers, where it takes on average 2 months to bond with someone. Just be yourself and they’ll be in love with you in no time. Clean less and blog more I say!

  2. QueenBean Says:

    Lil thank you for introduing the term “art-fag” into my vocabularly. And yes, I should consider cleaning less and blogging more, but I will not consider cleaning *myself* less as smeary makeup and armpit do not a pleasant haus make…

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