Roach Motel

June 18th, 2002

Don’t tell anyone I said this, but dude, this place has roaches.

It just reminds me of Joe’s apartment - the MTV movie where the guy lives with talking bugs. Well, as I’m checking all these rooms I keep singing “baby, I got the love. Baby I got the power! Come on girl and rock my world…” That’s the song the main roach sings while doing water ballet in Joe’s toilet.

While plugging in phones (i know, such a menial task for such a sophisticated lady), I came across approximately 7 roaches - of course this wasn’t in my particular building. I have only found 2 in good old “Megg”, as the kids who really live in this place call it. I’m talking about those hardcore individuals ~ people who *gasp* inhabit this building for more than three months at a time.

While I enjoy living in newer buildings that are roach-free, I gotta say there are some cool things about Main Egg. For example, while the building only holds about 250 people, the laundry room has six washers. That’s a lot of freakin washers for only 250 people. I remember living in Lee where we had maybe 8 washers for 800 people! Also, in the kitchen, which I call the “haunted kitchen”, I found this mixer from the forties. It is a handmixer, but is so heavy it has it’s own stand. It’s shiny and metallic, and probably has been here practically since the building opened in the mid thirties.

Why do I call the kitchen haunted? No reason really. It’s just like one night I was cooking some pizzas in the oven when this torrential down pour started. There was thunder and lightning, and the day had changed from a sunny, magical day to black and gloomy.

While i was making pizza I kept hearing this beebing coming from the hall - like from those autocheck detectors the newer buildings have. This building doesn’t have that, so I couldn’t imagine what the beeping was. I imagined it was the ghost who haunts the kitchen trying to make a phone call, or warn me to quit making Diguourno or something. So I quit. But the hallway still beeps whenever I’m on that second floor.

My first residents have moved in. Three people in their forties who are hear to study some crap. I don’t even know what! I heard one of em’s a fireman. What do firemen study anyway? How to be a Hoser 101? Of course, this class is not to be mistaken with the Canadian version which has more to do with how to be a whore, than how to water down a burning building.

Interesting fact of the day: Saying “Hey hoser” to a Canadian, is like calling them a slut.

file this under: roaches, ghosts, and hosers, oh my!

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