I’m on the “S” List

May 7th, 2002

Yeah. My parents recently visited the ‘Sparkler - and let’s just say they were not happy about the way they were portrayed in my little rants. Dad seemed to have mixed emotions. He was both horrified at his depiction as a Creative Genius freakydeaky, but also interested in my creative process.

Mom simply sent me an email that read:
“Saw your site. It sucks. Love you precious girl, Mom”

I just pray that Gpa didn’t visit and see that I linked Gma’s hospitalization to a bad bout of gas - the green wind, if you will. He def. wouldn’t talk to me for years if he read that junk.

Apparently sis didn’t like my reference of her beloved Matt as “the loser-boyfriend”, so I doubt she will be visiting me this summer as I’d hoped.

Damn, damn, damn - all apologizes mi familia.

And how did they get the url for my blog? Why, I emailed it to them! Yeah get this junk. So I made this website for class (international house of hänni), and brainlessly emailed it out to my address book. Well, the fam is on the book. Of course they linked to this blog.

Of course - I am an idiot.

So for now, I am hiding out - bbye

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