United States of Hysteria

February 1st, 2006

I’m not really a political person. I never watch the news –mostly because it’s always bad. And I rarely tune into televised presidential addresses –mostly because I know that watching them will actually make me dumber (being that I find it necessary to kill brain cells binge drinking after about the fifth time the leader of the free world mispronounces “nu-cu-lar”… but I digress.)

Yes, so I’m an idiot about politics, and predictably – because I didn’t want to be hung over on Hump Day – I avoided watching the State of the Union last night. This morning, however (and omg!), I did visit CNN.com for the recap.

Most of the crap Bush said was boring statecraft-speak. I’ll spare you my analysis on these matters. What I will talk about is the State of Cindy Sheehan, peace activist and enemy of the Haus of Bush.

It’s no secret that Cindy Sheehan has an axe to grind with El Presidente. After her son was killed in Iraq, Cindy made International news when, in August 2005, she held a lengthy demonstration at a peace camp outside GDub’s Texas ranch.

Last night, as a guest of Democrat, Lynne Woolsey of California, Cindy was invited to attend the State of the Union address… and she did, before she got arrested.

I think it’s because she messed with Texas, but the media reports that Sheehan was forcibly ejected from the peanut State gallery because she refused to conceal her anti-war t-shirt.

The arresting officers called Cindy’s fashion faux pas “unlawful conduct.”

Hilton_boobies.jpg Mommy Hilton’s got me me convinced: there outta be a law against drinking and drooping.

Now I read Celebrity Smack, so I am well aware of the need for Fashion Police.I mean, damn, after peeping Mommy Hilton’s nipples via see-through blouse, my first thought was to contact my Senator and demand that we enact a law forbidding old brods from exposing their not-so-fun-bags. But you know what? I never made that call, because it’s STUPID to punish someone for their attire… Even if their name is Tara Reid and their excessive show of greasy boobs gives you heartburn on a bi-weekly basis… but I digress (again!)

But yeah, Angel and I were talking about Cindy and her t-shirt, and we think it was very patriotic of Mrs. Sheehan to express her opinion at a political rally, Bush be damned.

This is still a free country, right? I don’t know. I’m getting kind of confused. Like I said earlier, me -I’m no political pundit.

All I know is, I used to think I lived in the United States of America, but as of late, I’m pretty sure I’m residing in the United States of What The F*-?!
Update: The AP reports today (Feb. 2) that from the Capitol Police Chief… Seems they weren’t supposed to arrest her for that t-shirt after all, imagine that!


Thanks for the heads up Dima ________________________________________________________
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28 Haus Calls for “United States of Hysteria”

  1. Random Reader Says:

    I’m not a Bush supporter by any means, but it’s interesting to point out that in 1999, during the Clinton impeachment hearings, a man was thrown out of the Senate gallery for wearing a shirt that said “Clinton doesn’t inhale, he sucks”. Apparently the reason Cindy Sheehan was thrown out is that there is a law against demonstrating inside the Senate gallery. I’m not trying to start any political debate on your site, just thought that was interesting.

  2. gary Says:

    You are making me think about how great it would be if we changed our name to The United States of What The F*. I wonder what the rest of the world would think about that?

  3. mrtl Says:

    aaaaaaaaagggghhhhhhhh - Did you have to post the nipple?

  4. Hänni Says:

    Random - Welcome to the haus! Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I did not realize there was a precedent behind the handling of Mrs. Sheehan and her right to peaceful demonstration (albeit not in the State gallery). I got a chuckle out of the Clinton shirt and just wish I knew what was on Cindy’s chest. Hopefully the Smoking Gun will find something out for us. *Fingers crossed*

    gary - yeah i’m not sure what our brothers in Britian or our sisters in South Africa would think. Perhaps we should have a poll.

    mrtl - YES! b/c i was trying to make a point. And judging by your reaction, I think I was succesful.

  5. Sassy8877 Says:

    Her shirt said, “2045 How many more?”

    Just so you don’t have to wonder ;)

  6. Dima Says:

    It’s funny, the things over which we have prided ourselves and for which we criticize other nations, and for the lack of which we declare wars on countries, say Iraq, are exactly the same things that our government is now working hard at taking away from us. Freedom of speech, personal privacy, and so on. It’s funnier that she was removed from a government building for saying her mind, and exercising her right to freedom of speech. The building of the entity that is supposed to be founded on the Constitution, the Supreme law of the free land, that grants us these freedoms. Our government is openly violating the Consitution, that is which is higher than any Bush and any Dick!

    I think the Clinton incident, which I have also not heard about, maybe because it was an isolated event during an administration that didn’t actually invade and deprive us of some fundamental rights, could have easily been classified as vulgar and offensice speech, which is speech that is NOT protected by the Constitution.

    Just my humble opinion!

  7. Breckan-the-law Says:

    Amen Dima. I could not have said it better. I am fortunate enough to live in an urban-liberal area of a very blue state (Oregon) where at least some fraction of the population has opened their eyes to the increasing rape and pillage of our civil liberties, all in the guise of a need for collective security. “Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.” It is always an eye opener to travel back to the mecca of ultra neoconservative fascist propoganda that has become Alaska; not only do I have to stomach the four lane highway being punched through my hometown, I also have to abide the lack of any democrat or leftist bumper stickers, and the plethora of Pro-Bush, Pro-War, Anti-Choice, Peace be damned propoganda that adorns almost every redneck-mobile rust bucket on the street. And Mum wonders why I am a solid Oregon transplant.

  8. divinecalm Says:

    I’m really for freedom of speech, but I am perfectly fine with people being escorted out of the legislative chambers. Regardless of party affiliation or who the President is, he/(and hopefully, someday SHE) should have the respect of the chambers. The State of the State tradition should be respected and honored. I have absolutely no problem with protestors being outside, but like all things, there is a time and a place for them. I have personally sat in events with “peaceful” protestors and have been scared for my life. I really don’t think Cindy is dangerous, but many can be. Wackos are EVERYWHERE.

    By the way, I am by no means pro-Bush. I just think some places like religious institutions and the democratic process should remain respected by others.

  9. Dima Says:

    First of all, Church and the Democratic Process are two different things, if not even complete opposites. I don’t care much for the Church, and it doesn’t care much for my opinion, but I still am respectful when I go to one, out of respect for those who are there, not because the building itself has some powers over me. Otherwise, I’m just a pagan respcting the God of cement and metal.

    But, by definition the democratic process is a means for everyone to be able to voice their opinion. A t-shirt with a message against the war seems to be an opinion. If you don’t let people speak their mind (not the same as acting on it by being violent), or only letting them speak their minds in certain places is not democracy. I think our government right now is the biggest offender of democracy and the democratic process. Also, the Constitution doesn’t say “people shall have the freedom of speech, in some places, but not others!”

    I need to stop now! I hate Bush and his administration so much!

  10. Hänni Says:

    Sassy8877 - Thanks for that FYI.

    Dima - It’s good to have your opinion on this, being that you are a politikphile + law student. I bow to the master.

    Breckan-the-law - And ditto what I said for Dima - it applies to you as well. As far as Alaska, at least when you’re in town honey, there’s an “Alaskan Girls Kick Ass” bumper sticker on the streets :) BTW I checked into that Geisha/ikebana thing. You were right! Geisha don’t focus on flower arranging b/c it isn’t an art that’s likely to impress a man, and that’s the Geisha’s primary job.

    divinecalm - If it’s a personal safety issue, I can totally understand why you would be retiscent to attend a state-sanctioned event where any sort of discent - silent or no - were involved.

  11. divinecalm Says:

    I think it is partially a personal safety issue for me. I use to work in the state legislature and had to deal with both liberal and conservative protesters. Sometimes when they clash together, it gets very heated and a little scary. Serious protesters like Cindy are rare breed. Have you ever been around them? Fanatical!

    I guess I place Cindy and other people against the war into different categories. Many legislators who are against the war were in the audience during the State of the State. None of them shouted out nasty comments towards the President. They were respectful of the position of “President” although they probably hate the man and his views. Now perhaps I am generalizing regarding Cindy, but many protesters wouldn’t have exhibited that kind of respectful behavior.

    After the event, the anti-Bush legislators spoke their mind to the press and had a platform on television and newspapers. We are a representative democracy, and this is the way our government was established. We vote for our politicians to represent our views. As far as I know, Cindy isn’t serving in an elected office. While kicking her out due to a T-shirt was a little extreme, I don’t blame them for worrying she could get out of hand and interrupt the event or possibly try to harm the President. She’s got the reputation for being a “loose canon.”

    I love the exchange of views, and thanks Hanni for providing this platform for me to share mine. Sorry if I’m boring you to tears. :)

  12. Bucky Four-Eyes Says:

    Um…is no one besides Mrtl and me curled up in the fetal position over the Mama Hilton picture?

  13. Dima Says:

    I can’t remember the last time someone really believed that their congressman or woman actually represented their views. Let me know when you find one!

    And BFE, I cringe every time I come back to this page and have to see that damn picture!

  14. Spicy Pants! Says:

    Honey, I just don’t know if it is a free country anymore. At least not while that jackass rules the roost.

    Thanks for the linky link btw. XOXO

  15. ScottyGee Says:

    Man that picture is hot Hanni! When did you bleach your hair?

    I mean… “BARF” =)

    I am with Dima. The Bush administration drives me nuts daily. See, Bush thinks that no one has the right to disagree with him and if you do, well it’s un-American. After all, he’s the hand of God! Who would disagree with him? I think it’s ridiculous to remove her for a t-shirt. I was however glad to hear him promoting alternative fuel sources like ethanol and hydrogen. Let’s hope someone follows up with that!

  16. Dima Says:

    Sorry to come back here, but did you hear the news today? Those who arrested Cindy Sheehan dropped the charges against her and apologized, becuase they WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO arrest her. But apparently THEY DIDN’T KNOW! That is something that they could’ve figured out within minutes if they wanted to and let her go back. But it would’ve not been in the interest of our democratic system to have let her go back. You know, people speaking their minds, and not agreeing, so un-American bastards having opinions! Could this be anymore obvious?

  17. Hänni Says:

    divinecalm - Do you think she has a reputation for being a “loose cannon” b/c the politicos want her depicted that way, or do you think she really is unpredictable and possibly dangerous? Sometimes the government wants us to beleive something not because it’s true, but because it suits an agenda. War-time propaganda is a great example. Weapons of Mass Destruction anyone?

    I’m not discounting your opinion, because you obviously have more experience with protesters, being that you worked in your state legislature. I’m sure you’ve seen things that would make my blood run cold…. or at least make me want to smack someone upside the head and say “You outta the gene pool!”

    Love you honey!

    Bucky Four-Eyes - Three cheers for Mama Hilton. Nip - Nip - Hooray! Nip - Nip - Hooray!

    Spicy Pants! - He is a jackass, isn’t he? This makes me wonder why both democrats and republicans don’t employ the donkey as their party symbol.

    ScottyGee - You wanna make babies with Mama Hilton! And yeah, whether he intends to do what he says, this New Age Mama is thrilled that Gdub has put alternative energy sources on the agenda.

    I totally can’t wait until I get my Jetson space car.

    Dima - I hadn’t heard that! Thanks for the update. Will note it in the body of this post.

  18. Dima Says:

    God, I can’t stay away from here. But I am really passionate about these things in hopes that it opens people’s eyes to some of the truths out there. Ok, GET THIS: if you go to CNN.com you wouldn’t see the thing about the apology to Sheehan. So I did a search in CNN.com for Sheehan, and there was a small blurb of it hidden in a long list of “not so important” news. Maybe 10 lines or so. Now GET THIS: I read the news of the apology and dropping of the charges on BBC.co.uk, and in case you don’t know that’s a BRITISH news agency!

    Discuss! I may blog about this, because it’s driving me INSANE!

    Oh, and Hanni, thanks for the stickers, I posted about them in my blog with your favorite one up close :) Love ya!

  19. ScottyGee Says:

    Well, they also booted a Congressman’s wife for a Pro-Troops shirt she wore, but they didn’t arrest her. They only arrested Sheehan. I think the only reason they issued the appology and released her was because the Congressman’s wife went through it too. So why didn’t they arrest the Congressman’s wife too? Because her shirt was different? Makes no sense.

    And just to make this clear: Everyone in America supports our troops. Everyone.

  20. Breckan-the-law Says:

    Just wanted to make a quick inquiry into whether anyone else caught the animal-human hybrid comment? I caught it in the actual speech, and then Jon Stewart did a great mention of it on the daily show last night.

    In the middle of a diatribe against human cloning, stem cell research, etc., he added in “human animal hybrids.” I really hope SNL does a skit with goat boy on the subject. Am I just missing something, or is this a real issue in America? lol

    Dima, where are you going to law school? I’m a 2L right now.

  21. Dima Says:

    Breckan - !

  22. divinecalm Says:

    I think arresting Cindy was too much and that the idiots overreacted. However, I do respect Congress’s authority to not allow protesters in the Chambers (I’m sure that there are Congressional rules that dictate this).

    I think Cindy is probably a very caring person and is grieving immensely due to the loss of her son. I can only imagine her pain. I don’t know her personally, so I can’t say if the “loose cannon” depiction is accurate. I’m sure a certain amount of media spin is being used against her.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues with Cindy. I just think certain traditions should be respected. Also, Cindy should sue their asses off for an unlawful arrest. Now that would be interesting to watch.

  23. divinecalm Says:

    Btw, I loves ya too Hanni darlin’!

  24. ScottyGee Says:

    Cindy is bringing a wrongful arrest lawsuit against them.

    I am really not very political and I don’t get too hyped up over this stuff. I just really, really don’t like the current administration. A human animal hybrid could be a better President! =)

  25. Dima Says:

    I thought he was a human animal hybrid? Monkey/sub-human form of human - no offense to monkeys!

  26. Cze-Johnson Carrie Says:

    SPEAKING of monkeys….

    who KNEW it was so easy to sing with your mouth shut???????

    (and don’t go all actin’ like you didn’t try it yourself during the commercial break!!!)


  27. stampy Says:

    Hanni, hanni, hanni…First the “just trying to make a ‘point’” and then “nip-nip-hooray”? Did you not scar us enough with the David Hasselhoff post? And listen here Missy-pants - no more helping Scotty Gee cheat. Those XXX DVD’s don’t grow on trees. Nosiree. Vin Diesel has small goat boys of the Andes printing those babies out by hand.

  28. Hänni Says:

    D’ah I totally can’t keep up here.

    I will say, no I didn’t hear taht human-animal hybrid comment b/c I did not watch the SOU. It sounds kind of sci-fi though, much like soylent green - it’s people!

    And can I get an amen to ScottyGee! Just b/c i don’t like ‘Dub, doesn’t mean I’m not all about our troops, God bless them.

    Stampy - You get the golden star for catching the subtle nuances of the booby. That God my efforts at innuendo were not entirely lost my readership. And OMG I’m so sorry for being SGee’s cheerleader - If you want, you can do like the President - take away his prize, and then “apologize” the next day.

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