This Spud’s For You

February 3rd, 2006

I’ve been thing about the expression, you are what you eat. If that’s really true than I am sweet potatoes.

sweet-potato_2.jpgSome say I’m a jackass, but really I’m sweet (potato.)

If I am indeed - as I have long suspected - not human, but actually tangerine-colored tuber, then boy, things are gonna have to change around here.

Angelface, in an effort to save a couple bucks on electricity, has been turning off the air at night. This would be okay if we lived in - say - the frozen wastelands of Alaska where folks need a/c like J-lo needs more ass, but you know what? Angel and I, we live in F*-ing Hot Florida.

When you live in F*-ing Hot Florida, having the a/c on 24/7 is non-negotiable. It’s not a novelty; it’s a necessity, no different than other life-sustaining substances, RE: water, oxygen, American Idol, and organic raisins.

So yeah Angel, if your Sweetie is a potato, then you need to stop this turning-off-the-a/c-at-night shit immediately. If you don’t, things could end up real bad between us.

I can see the headline now:

“Man With Potato for Wife Refuses To Turn on A/C At Night, Wakes Up Next to Pile of Veggie Crisps In Morning.”

… Yes, it has been extremely hot in my apartment lately.

Last chance! Enter the Randy Jackson What’s Up Dawg Contest before it’s too effing late….Too effing late is Sunday, btw.

9 Haus Calls for “This Spud’s For You”

  1. wordgirl Says:

    Must. Have. Air. Even potatoes need air to grow.

  2. ScottyGee Says:

    Maybe he should just rub some butter on you, sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on top and wrap you up in aluminum folil. You’d be delicious by morning!

  3. mrtl Says:

    Does Angelface need to be committed? Why not turn it down when neither of you is home?

    Your Google ads include “Sweet Potato Recipes” and “Potato Flakes.” teehee

  4. gary Says:

    That post was sweet, Potato.

  5. Dima Says:

    Dude, sweet potatoes ROCK!

  6. Cze-Johnson Carrie Says:

    I’m trying to think of something witty where I can say “I YAM” as a response, but I’m getting all my thoughts MASHED.

    oh… if I had a brain some days, I could be really realllllllly funny.

    maybe you can reason with the husband that in Florida, you get to use the A/C more than the normal population becuase of all the money you save on heating bills????

  7. Hänni Says:

    wordgirl - Yes air is good too!

    ScottyGee - Quit trying to butter me up.

    mrtl - We do turn the air off when we’re not home. And yes, Angel does need to be committed… committed to making my ass happy by cranking up the A/C! (BTW I’m sure he will read this post and groan.)

    gary - *giggle*

    Dima - I tend to think so.

    Cze-Johnson Carrie - Yuk, yuk, yuk! Good call on the heating thing - will put it out there and see what happens!

  8. william Says:

    I have’nt had our air on since December. I probably won’t turn it on until March. Your Apt. must be hot.

    Sweet Potato MMMM. Cinamon and marshmallow…

  9. Erin Says:

    My grandparents, (who are from Minn. originally, then lived in OH for for-ev-er) live in FL. now and they NEVER turn on their A/C. You could roast a chicken in the living room without cooking utensils.

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