To All You Testosterone Boys and Harlequin Girls:

December 14th, 2005

Let’s break dance, not hearts.

My friend FancyPants has had not one, but two, “chicks” ditch out on our upcoming company Christmas party.

I personally don’t get it, because a) FancyPants is a genuinely cool kid –white boy likes to bust a move (but only to new wave b/c he’s all exclusive like that), and b) Christmas party = free booze and fancy dresses –This, I’m sure the ladies of the haus will agree, is an unbeatable combination, one that could only be bested by a party that has free booze, fancy dresses and a vegetarian burrito bar… and maybe a few boys wearing makeup.

…Because I really like boys who wear makeup.

Speaking of which, I want to personally thank whoever found the haus by googling “The sexiness of Gerard Way.” You are the shizzle.

But yeah, anyway what’s wrong with these girls FancyPants meets? Why the eff can’t they appreciate the boy and his predilection for 80s synth pop?

Maybe it’s that new-wave-guys-finish-last type thing? Dear hannihaus readers, I’m interested in your input. Let’s discuss.

15 Haus Calls for “To All You Testosterone Boys and Harlequin Girls:”

  1. Dima Says:

    I dig FancyPants kinda guys. But alas, I am thousands of miles away, and can’t help. Those bitches are missing out on free booze and a burrito bar? Twisted!

  2. Susie Says:

    I’m sure FancyPants is very fine. But I’m really here because I’m very stubborn and once I get a thing in my head, it’s hard to get rid of it. The thing I got in my head was how much I love your little pink tree and wanted to tell you for days. But do you think I could do that? No, I couldn’t. And still can’t. For some reason, for days, up to and including this day, when I click the comment thingy on that post, I get a whole bunch of nothin’. Blizzard, white-out, blank screen. So. I love your little pink tree. And FancyPants sounds like a lot of fun, too.

  3. Hänni Says:

    Dima - Fancy told me he’s totally flattered, and if you ever get down our way, I’d like to hook you up.

    Susie - Oh man! I’m so sorry about that comment crap. I sent your concerns to SORM. Thanks for the love of the pink tree. I think it’s really swell myself.

  4. Erin Says:

    Um, will he dance to Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order? I am there.

  5. ScottyGee Says:

    Any girl who doesn’t like a hipster into good 80’s music is completely and utterly insane. They are totally not worth his organic raisins.

    New Order was one of my first concerts ever. Their last two albums have been great too. I’ll never wear eyeliner though. Never!

  6. Hänni Says:

    Erin - I think he just might do that.

    ScottyGee - So tragic about the eyeliner scotty, really.

  7. Dima Says:

    Hänni, I have never been to Florida (other than to get on a cruise ship), but maybe now I have a good reason to stop by :)

  8. FancyPants Says:

    Hey Dima, c’mon down and pay us a visit! I’ll take you out where we can dance the night away to New Order, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, Echo and the Bunnymen, Peter Murphy… oh the list can go on and on. 100% fun time gurantee included! :-)

  9. Dima Says:

    FancyPants, why can’t I find a guy that knows how to talk sexy to me like that up here? We’ll go only if you promise to totally get out your MC Hammer pants, and the rest of your 80s wardrobe, and I’ll put my hair in a side ponytail, and dancing we’ll go.

    Hänni, your blog might’ve been just what my life was missing :)

  10. Amanda B. Says:

    Sounds like one hell of a party. Wish I was there.

  11. url Says:

    Bee well MoChile.

  12. John Boy Says:

    Well, I’m an original 80s New Wave type of guy so that can’t be the problem ;)
    Maybe it’s the fact that he goes by “FancyPants”. I’m not sure that will win the ladies over :P

  13. wordgirl Says:

    I liked Johnny Depp as the pirate WITH the eyeliner. Also Dr. Frank N. Furter (Tim Curry), though that is most likely before the time of anyone in your readership. I guess that makes me a woman who doesn’t mind make-up on guys. Go figure.

  14. anissaannalise Says:

    Hey there, Hanni (sorry no umlat)! I have been checking out your site for about a month and just wanted to say how much I enjoy it and that it’s nice to find that there is another fully grown woman who appreciates the ungodly beauty of Gerard Way. That’s how I found your site and I think you’re an absolute riot.

    Happy New Year!

  15. Hänni Says:

    anissaannalise - Happy new year to you too! I love your site. Gerard Way = sex on legs. Rrrrrowr!

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