Behold! The Power Of Cheese.

April 27th, 2005

The hännihaus family is growing, as Angel and I have just added another feisty feline to the fold. Sphynx is our new kitty, so named because of his striking resemblance to his Egyptian namesake. (Big ears, huge feet, that sort of thing).

As predicted, Belle is entirely upset. The other day when I told her, “Mommy is going to new PetSmart today. Maybe she’ll come home with a new little brother for you”, well her initial response was to lower her eyelids and hiss.

As I was walking out the door she told me, “If you bring another kitten in this house, I will set it on fire and dance on its bones.” And then she purrrrrped all cute-like, ran into the bedroom, and started chewing the drawstring off my favorite hoody sweatshirt.

Despite Bella Bad Girl’s threats, we plucked Sphynxy from his petstore plexiglass cage, and brought him to the hacienda. It’s been three days and Belle is still beyond pissed.

I’m starting to get nervous. I think I’ve got two Bebe’s kids on my hands. There’s constant running, hissing, smacking, and all other manner of naughty misbehavior going on. Why just yesterday, after being stared down by a steely-eyed Belle, Sphynx lodged his ass in Bella’s face and told her to kiss it!

And let me tell you, Sphynx’s ass is something to take seriously. He is extremely gassy. You pick him up, and he lets one fly. You scratch his neck, and he releases the green wind. You look at him and smile, and he gleefully rips one.

It’s really quite amazing, the power of his flatulence.

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